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RUSH: Here is Bud in Burlington, Indiana. Bud, thanks for waiting, and welcome.

CALLER: … Indiana. Anyway Rush —

RUSH: Wait, what did I say?

CALLER: I don’t… I couldn’t understand, but it was actually communist Bloomington Indiana. So… (silence) Are you still there?

RUSH: Yeah, I’m here.

CALLER: Anyway, I’d like to really quickly thank you for two things. First off, unlike the so-called moderates who called in yesterday complaining about your recommendation for Republicans voting in Democrat primaries —

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: — I want to thank you, because I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not — no one’s bringing up this point — but Rush, you are single-handedly probably costing the liberals an extra hundred million by extending the Democrat primaries, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

RUSH: You are more than welcome, sir.

CALLER: As a matter of fact, if you have your staff do some research when this is all said and done, probably a hundred million would be a drop in the bucket, so…

RUSH: You know, Snerdley was making that point yesterday. He said, ‘Something you’re leaving out here about your brilliant strategy is that it’s costing them money to throw this mud at each other, and it’s money that they’re not going to have for the general election that they were planning on having because they wouldn’t have to spend it between now and then, but the fight goes on.’

CALLER: Absolutely. Can I make one quick other point?

RUSH: Sure. Fire away.

CALLER: Okay. Recently my ten-year-old daughter — who, by the way, makes you look like a liberal — went out with my wife and searched on the Internet for conservative T-shirts, and out of all the hundreds of shirts she picked, she picked one of your shirts off your website that said ‘Still Voting Democrat? Then You’re Stuck on Stupid.’ But I just want to thank you for that, because when I go in public and the liberals read that shirt, the expression on their faces is absolutely priceless, and I just wish people could see what I see when I wear that shirt.

RUSH: I’m very flattered, and give your daughter our kindest regards. It’s very nice. Thanks so much. Speaking of the battle, the war, the internecine warfare going on in the Democrat Party, it continues today. This is from Byron York at National Review Online. Greg Craig — remember him? — former Clinton White House counsel, the lawyer for Elian Gonzalez, who successfully got him sent back to Cuber? ‘Greg Craig…now supporting Barack Obama, has just sent out a letter sharply attacking Hillary Clinton’s claims to experience in foreign policy.’ Greg Craig says, ”Senator Clinton has cited a handful of international incidents where she says she played a central role,’ Craig writes. ‘But any fair-minded and objective judge of these claims — i.e., by someone not affiliated with the Clinton campaign — would conclude that Senator Clinton’s claims of foreign policy experience are exaggerated.’ … Craig writes that it is ‘a gross overstatement of the facts for her to claim even partial credit for bringing peace to Northern Ireland.’

‘Her claim to a role in bringing peace to Bosnia is also unfounded, Craig says. Her claim to have negotiated the flight of refugees from Kosovo ‘is not true,’ according to Craig, who quotes Bill Clinton’s top envoy to the Balkans as saying, ‘I cannot recall any involvement by Senator Clinton in this issue.’ And on Rwanda, where Bill and Hillary Clinton have said that she pressed him to intervene with US troops, Craig writes, ‘There is no evidence…to suggest that this ever happened.’ Finally, Craig attacks Hillary Clinton’s claim that her 1995 speech about women’s rights in China also qualifies as foreign policy experience. ‘It is strange that Senator Clinton would base her own foreign policy experience on a speech that she gave over a decade ago,’ Craig writes, ‘since she so frequently belittles Barack Obama’s speeches opposing the Iraq War six years ago.” So it just continues now. Greg Craig, who is as close to the Clintons as anybody could be, has signed up for Barack Obama and has now sent out a letter ripping Hillary Clinton to pieces! This is exactly what we want. All of this stuff can become fodder for Senator McCain’s campaign, or the RNC to run commercials during the general election.

Also, somebody brought to my attention, what’s the date of this? I printed this out a couple days ago. DogonVillage.com is the website: Rush the Vote — Rush Limbaugh Provides Viable Strategy for Black Voters. Listen to this, folks, just to show you how my strategery is bleeding over into other groups. ‘From an ethical standpoint the crossover vote inspired by Rush Limbaugh aiding Hillary Clinton and potentially undermining the candidacy of Barack Obama is at a minimum offensive. Thinking more long-range I would argue that it is time for Black America to embrace and adopt the strategy. Paying homage to one of the more effective proponents it should be known as ‘Rushing the Vote.” This website has named my strategery: Rushing the Vote! ‘Republicans will no longer be able to ignore the Black vote if even 10 or 20% of us crossover — Rush the Vote — to decide the Republican nominee or wreaking havoc in their primaries. It will also break the stronghold that the Democratic Party has had for far too long proving that our vote should not be taken for granted. If, for any reason, Barack Obama is not the Democratic presidential nominee, Black voters will have a perfect opportunity to Rush the Vote in November and we will be credited with the McCain victory.

‘It should be noted that Black Republicans such as,’ this is a radio guy here mentioned, ‘have advocated this sort of swing strategy for years. Now that the effectiveness was proven in Texas and Ohio, let’s plan to Rush the Vote whenever it is in our best interest.’ This is a black website, and the author here has named my Texas and Ohio strategy Rush the Vote, and it succeeded, and is suggesting blacks can use this, too. Cross over and elect a Republican president and show the Republicans how effective and important the black vote could be if they’d court it, and also show the Democrats we’re not going to be taken for granted, anymore. So, folks, this is having benefits beyond even my wildest dreams, beyond even my wildest imagination. Black Americans have seen the effectiveness of the Limbaugh strategy, of the Limbaugh Effect, and are now thinking of incorporating it as their own, and have even given it a name: Rush the Vote. I love this, too. The name of the website once again, is DogonVillage.com.

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