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RUSH: Prudence in Kinderhook Lake, New York, nice to have you. You’re up first today on the phones on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Nice to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m very embarrassed to say I’m from New York state today, during the course of the events that have happened. I was interested in commenting about your original, the way you opened the show about his wife and why she’s standing up there with him and, you know, we saw Hillary do it, we’ve seen other women do it, and I think it’s a mystery myself. I don’t know that I would do that. I think that perhaps this is happening because maybe they don’t have a choice. Maybe they are told by their cheating, lying, scum-bucket husbands that, ‘You will be up there with me whether you want to be up there or not.’

RUSH: Well, look, that’s entirely possible. I don’t know the Spitzers, and I have no clue what their relationship is like behind closed doors. It’s easy to speculate, a lot of people are doing that, a lot of people are saying, ‘Well, look at this guy’s arrogance, and obviously he’s a tyrant telling his wife –‘

CALLER: Yeah —

RUSH: — but we don’t know that. Other people have said, ‘Well, what choice does she have? His family has all the money.’ She’s a corporate lawyer. If she has to, she can get her own share of what he’s got and then go out and start making her own.

CALLER: Oh, life will go on after Eliot for her.

RUSH: Well, we don’t even know she’s going to leave him. All of this is just is speculation.

CALLER: No, she may not leave him, but I can understand — I think that it could — because it doesn’t make any sense to me that these women would stand there, and the humiliation, it’s just an upsetting thing that I think there is some duress that, you know, ‘You’re my wife, we’re going to make this picture, this family picture, and if it could help me a little bit, I want you up there with me, and you don’t have any choice about it.’ That could explain it.

RUSH: Look, we could join the fray here and start speculating based on what we’ve seen. For example, she looked miserable. She looked ashen, and she looked humiliated. That was the last place in the world that she wanted to be. But, you know, life goes on, and if she is the kind of woman who wants to seek revenge and get it, she’s got plenty of time here. Going up there with him on the stage, this is something that political wives do. I think political wives ought to get a prenup in the future. If you get yourself in this kind of public humiliation trouble, I am not going on stage with you.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m not going in that photo. I’m not going to be there. I think that’s a good idea.

RUSH: What happened, Prudence, to the notion that feminism has been teaching women for the last 40 years, ‘You do have a choice, you don’t have to be led around in manacles by the average predatory male?’

CALLER: I don’t know if they’re considering their own image, that they want to look — I don’t know, because it makes no sense. I did not understand it when Hillary did it —

RUSH: Well, now, that was easy.

CALLER: Yeah. You’re right.

RUSH: But this woman is not Hillary. This woman, as far as we know, is not Hillary. Well, she does have her own office in his office.

CALLER: Well, could be.

RUSH: In the governor’s mansion, she does go to work with him every day in there.

CALLER: Well, unfortunately she doesn’t travel out of town with him, but I just think that there may be some — it doesn’t make sense on a regular emotional level that somebody would be willing to humiliate themselves and go through this, the kind of things that they have to go through after the accusations come out.

RUSH: Are you married?

CALLER: I am. I’m married for the second time.

RUSH: Do you have any kids?


RUSH: From either marriage?


RUSH: Okay. Well, because one of the things Ms. McGreevey said, Jim McGreevey’s wife said that the reason she went out there was for her daughter, she did not want her daughters or kids hating their father.

CALLER: Right. But that’s not going to guarantee that they’re not going to hate their father. That’s not enough. I was married the first time to a very Type A executive who did cheat on me, and — ooh I just said that on national radio. I hope he’s listening. Anyway —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: See how easy it is? (laughing)

CALLER: Wow, it just came out. But I remember one situation, we were at this fundraising event, this big gala, you know, cocktail hour —

RUSH: Don’t you hate those?

CALLER: Hate ’em, hate ’em, oh my God, you’re eating salad at 10:30 at night, you know, it’s like I just want to go to bed. So, you know, they flashed the lights —

RUSH: Just want to go to bed? (laughing) At a fundraiser?

CALLER: I don’t want to eat salad at 10:30 at night, it’s too late.

RUSH: Oh, you wanted to leave to go to bed.

CALLER: Yeah, okay, come on, work with me here. So they flashed the lights that the cocktail hour is over and you’re supposed to go into the ballroom. They flashed the lights and my ex was talking with someone, and I said, ‘Come on, they flashed the lights, let’s go,’ and he just ignored me. I said, ‘I’m going to go in and sit down.’ I went in and sat down, he came in and said, ‘Don’t you ever do that again. We go in together, and we go in when I say we go in.’

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: So this is what’s making me think that —

RUSH: Yeah, see, this is the thing though. Everybody’s going to apply their own personal life experiences to this, which may be irrelevant. I understand everybody doing that and you, too, but it’s just really difficult to speculate. One thing I feel confident about, though, all during the night last night and afternoon, I’m watching stuff on cable TV, ‘Gotta resign, probably going to resign tonight, probably working on the resignation letter now.’ We’ve heard this morning he was going to resign at noon, and then we’ve heard that he’s been working on the resignation letter, it’s going to happen soon, a resignation may be tied to the plea deal with the Southern District of Manhattan, the New York US Attorneys Office. I think this guy is sitting there plotting ways not to resign. I think the last thing he wants to do is resign, or else use it as a card in the plea deal. This is an arrogant guy. He’s trying to figure out a way to hang on, folks.


RUSH: This is interesting. Fox News has done a side-by-side: pictures of McGreevey and his wife at McGreevey’s resignation announcement, and Spitzer and his wife yesterday. Both wives are wearing the same shade of blue jacket, and McGreevey and Spitzer both in dark suits with identical ties: red with white stripes. McGreevey’s stripes are from lower left to upper right, and Spitzer’s are the opposite (lower right to upper left), but other than that, I mean it’s not the same jacket, but it’s the same color. It looks like there’s a How to Handle a Scandal playbook out there in the Democrat Party, including what everybody should wear at the moment of truth. Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush. I just talked to four married ladies here at work, and we wall agree it’s a very big deal for a husband to engage in adultery with a prostitute. We have seen the devastation of so many people — women, particularly — that have, you know, had not only the betrayal emotionally, but the STDs that are being passed, and all of the social ills that are related to people thinking they can engage in either premarital or extramarital sex without the consequences. You know, if he had sex with his wife after, he could have brought an STD home to her like HIV/AIDS. Didn’t he think about that? Didn’t he think about if this girl was to get pregnant like you said, she may have to think about abortion or having a baby without a father?


CALLER: There are so many repercussions.

RUSH: Apparently none of that was thought about, otherwise none of this would have taken place. See, that’s the whole point. None of that was considered.

CALLER: Rush, —

RUSH: In fact, one of the stories… There’s so many out there — and again, you have to be real careful because I don’t know what you can believe or not. The sources are anonymous, some of them in law enforcement and so forth. But, apparently, one of these escapades with the lovely and gracious Kristin, he refused to wear a condom. Okay, so obviously he’s not thinking about that.

CALLER: It’s such an outrage, not only as an example for his daughters. You know, because we already put up with Mr. Clinton, and we have to see these young teens that are engaging in that behavior because he said it wasn’t sex.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And then we have to see all the people coming in with diseases in their mouth from oral sex and we have to see the devastation of being used by someone.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, there’s so many social ills that are linked to it, and it’s the liberal mantra that it’s private and it’s nobody’s business, but it’s society that’s being harmed, along with so many individuals.

RUSH: Well, not only that. As I said in the first hour: What about the value of human dignity here? I’ve even heard some liberals say, ‘It’s a victimless crime.’ How can you say it’s a victimless crime? Most prostitution rings are involved in organized crime. The prostitute, I mean, look, she’s either being forced to do it, or she’s choosing to do it for some reason, but to say that this is victimless? How about the family? All these victimless crime arguments here, in some cases they’re accurate, but this seems to be a little bit of a stretch. And a lot of people are out there saying, ‘You know, this ought to show our society how antiquated and backward we are. We need to legalize prostitution.’ Well, my question, Laura and for everybody else: How would legalizing something make it moral?

CALLER: And that’s the point, Rush. We’re not talking about that moral outrage anymore. I guess Bill Bennett did the Death of Shame. Well, I thought we established that it was a very big moral problem when Mr. Clinton did it because he was an example for the whole country. We need to be talking about this as we go into the next election because this very behavior is one of the biggest causes of most social ills — like poverty, like STDs — that society is having to pay for.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And, you know, it devastates the person that is the victim, the wife, the kids, and we never talk about it. It’s liberals just saying it’s private, private. It’s not. It devastates human beings, and it’s time we all stood up and said it’s outrageous.

RUSH: I know where you’re coming from, but here’s the point. Have you noticed nobody is standing up condemning this on our side? Our side is not willing to engage in this battle. We want to instead join the chorus of those who say, ‘It’s a tragedy! (gasp) Oh, it’s such a shame! (gasp) Such a wonderful family. (gasp) It’s so bad.’ Meanwhile, when one of our guys gets involved in all this, ‘Get out of town, you reprobate! What do you mean, sending e-mails to pages, Foley? What do you mean, Craig, tapping your toe in an airport in Fargo, wherever it was? Get outta town! You need to resign!’ They drum our guys out of town, and the liberals honor their guys. Gerry Stubbs in Massachusetts, actually had an affair with a page!

They wanted to fly the flag at half-mast when the guy died — and our side, McCain is not willing to say a word, even though McCain’s really caught up in government corruption and so forth. This is government corruption. This is a governor who was subjecting himself to blackmail who may have been involved with organized crime indirectly because they’re involved in prostitution rings, especially a high-class outfit like this, $5,000 an hour. But, no, we’re content to sit around. Peter King is one guy. We got one guy on our side who’s standing up here and proclaiming his outrage over this and suggesting that normally I’d look the other way, but this is different. He’s a governor. He’s not just one of 435 House members. Oh, that’s what Barney Frank said. (Barney Frank impression) ‘There’s a big difference, big difference between what I did and what Spitzer did, because what I did, I’m just one of 435, but he’s one governor.’ Barney Frank, I think, said that. He said, ‘I’m just one of 435 guys, I was not the institution. Spitzer is.’

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