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Rush’s Morning Update: Slugfest!
March 11, 2008

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Well, Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, has stepped down. She wasfired after telling a reporter –“off the record” –that Hillary Clinton was a “monster” who would stop at nothing to win the nomination.She also indicated that if elected, Obama would not order an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, despite his campaign stance. (Which is not a bigsurprise;I told you that months ago.)

Meanwhile, Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson compared Obama to Ken Starr, the independent “sex-starved” prosecutor who investigated the Clintons in the ’90s. Howard Wolfson did not resign;Mrs. Clinton has not disavowed the remarks. The Ken Starr insult came in response to Barack’s demand that Hillary release her tax returns.

Former Senator Bill Bradley– Democrat, New Jersey– has jumped into the mix, too. He’s demanding the Clintons release financial documents,including the donors to the Clinton Presidential Library & Massage Parlor.

Bill Bradley wants to know if “there are favors attached” to contributions. “And what do I mean by favors,” he said,”I mean, pardons that are granted; investigations that are squelched; contracts that are awarded; regulations that are delayed.” Senator Bradley also accused the Clintons of “lying” to win the nomination. He said: “The bigger the lie, the better chance they think they’ve got.”

From: Me.
To: Those of you who doubted my successful campaign to keep Hillary in this raceto foster turmoil in the Democrat Partyand to bloody up Obamapolitically.
Message: Don’t EVER doubt me– again.

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