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RUSH: Look at all the wonderful things that are happening out there, folks, as a result of the chaos that has been created as a result of our crossover votes in Ohio and Texas last Tuesday. Here you’ve got Mrs. Clinton, (paraphrasing) ‘I’m not going to release my tax returns. Why should I? Screw you! That’s for other people, like Obama. I’m not going to release my tax returns. I’ve always said I’m going to, but I don’t know when. And, by the way, I’m in second place, I ought to be on the top. I ought to be at the top of the ticket. I’m in second place.’ You know what’s happening here, there was a post at the Huffington Post today from a longtime Clinton apologist who said, ‘I can’t do it anymore. I can’t apologize for these people anymore.’ The great thing here is the Clintons are demoing for everybody exactly who they are and who they’ve always been. We couldn’t get this to happen in the nineties, folks; no matter what, people weren’t interested in it. But now, in the midst of this primary, in the midst of this chaos, the Clintons are demonstrating for everybody exactly who they are, and it’s irritating a lot of Democrats.

Also, I’m going to remind you of something I’ve told you. I don’t care what the delegate math is, we look at pledged delegates, I don’t care what happens in Florida and Michigan, if they do it over, if they have mail-ins, I don’t care. This thing is going to the convention. When you have people like the Clintons whose singular obsession is power, and if they think everybody else is evil, well, then you’re entitled to do anything you want to defeat evil in order to give yourself the power over the evil. Nothing that happened last Tuesday was going to stop that. All that’s done now is create a little momentum and this is causing these attacks back and forth. Do you think if Hillary had lost last Tuesday in Ohio and Texas that we’d have had comments from Howard Wolfson that Obama is ‘Ken Starr’? (laughing) Obama is Ken Starr. All right.

By the way, I’ve got a lot more audio sound bites, but from the New Republic blog called The Plank, Hillary Clinton once again raising the possibility of pursuing Obama’s pledged delegates, and a blogger says, ‘All this ensures is that the media will run a lot stories about a dirty campaign intent on stealing the election.’ Yes! Yes! More of it. ‘Given that the Clintonites are going to need some good will in July (if in fact they want to garner a delegate majority through superdelegates), the logic of this ploy eludes me,’ says the blogger. ‘Sounds like time for some idle speculation,’ says the blogger at the New Republic. ‘I was having lunch today with a friend who’s convinced Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. He believes the superdelegates will decide that, at the end of the day, they’d rather have a candidate willing to hit John McCain below the belt. I think it’s unlikely Hillary Clinton will get the nomination because of ‘good will’ towards her on the part of the superdelegates — that ship has already sailed. Her best bet is probably to convince superdelegates hungry to take back the White House that she, and only she, will do whatever it takes to win a bitter, hard-fought election. Thus, even if they don’t damage Obama per se, running nasty ads and murmuring about going after elected delegates reinforce the message that this is who you want on your side in a knife fight.’

This is a Democrat blogger thinking this is how the Clintons are going to do it. Meanwhile, we’re going to sit around and be paralyzed by our integrity. You know, Saul Alinsky is one of Clinton’s mentors. You look at Saul Alinsky rule number four on integrity. He said kill your opponents with their own integrity. If they say that they’re going to answer every letter that they get, send them 30,000. They can’t possibly answer them all, and you can say they’ve busted their integrity. They’ve violated it. Even after the nineties, even after all the stuff we saw in the ’90s, I don’t think people understand who the Clintons are here. I don’t think they understand the absolute nature of liberal Democrat politics. I just don’t. I do. I am happy to be the one person willing to win this election. I’m happy to be the one to describe how it can happen.

By the way, the Reverend Sharpton is eyeing a lawsuit over the Florida situation, laying the groundwork for a court battle that could divide the Democrat Party. Yes! Yes! You see. ‘The Rev. Al Sharpton is threatening to sue the Democratic National Committee if it includes Florida’s primary results in the official tally of presidential delegates. Rev. Sharpton is traveling to Florida today to compile lists of residents –‘ now, get this. He’s coming here to Florida to ‘compile lists of residents who skipped the January contest because they thought their votes would not count. He plans to have those residents sign affidavits saying they would be disenfranchised by the seating of the Florida delegation, in the event the Democratic Party allowed that to happen. … Larry Sabato, said he thinks Rev. Sharpton is trying to say that if Mr. Obama wins the most pledged delegates and the most popular votes, but loses the nomination, there will be consequences.’ Hell yes, there will be. Folks, you think that the blacks in the Democrat Party are united, you wait ’til the Clintons find a way to steal this from Obama, especially if they do it by saying she won all the big states, to hell with the delegates, to hell with the popular vote? They’ll do anything. I’m telling you, they will do anything. And if they succeed — oh, folks, it’s going to be interesting to see.

Now, this is from a blog entitled TalkLeft, Jeralyn Merritt, she’s this criminal defense lawyer out in Denver, she was always on during O.J., I think, and then she was on during political things back in the nineties. So they’ve got this post at her blog, TalkLeft.com. Judging from the comments that Obama supporters are leaving on TalkLeft, it appears there’s a fundamental misunderstanding on what the candidates promised and didn’t promise regarding the outcomes of the Florida and Michigan primaries. What I have here is the four-state pledge. This is what it was called, the four-state pledge letter 2008, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, dated August 31st, 2007. I’m not going to read the whole letter to you here, but it’s a PDF file, we can link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. This four-state pledge letter says nothing about which delegates will count or not count in Florida or Michigan. It says nothing about whether a state’s primary will count or not. The candidates merely pledged not to campaign in any states holding a primary or caucus before Super Tuesday, other than Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. So you see where this could go. If the candidates did not pledge, if the letter says nothing about the delegates counting or not counting and it says nothing about whether a state’s primary will count or not, it just says in the letter the Democrat candidates will not campaign in those states. Well, some might say Hillary campaigned in Michigan, Hillary campaigned in Florida, she might violate the rules, so forth and so on. But it’s interesting that this thing is actually wide open.

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