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RUSH: Here’s the headline today from the Rocky Mountain News. This is in Denver. ”Tuesday’s Results Could Mean Chaos for the Democrat National Committee.’ There was more confusion than closure in Tuesday’s presidential primaries, preserving the prospect of brutal chaos leading right up to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.’ Amen, bro, this is exactly what we wanted. The delegate count — what did she pick up, something like 22 delegates or something like that? She didn’t get that much closer, she didn’t narrow the gap, and the odds are still really, really against her winning the nomination. Here’s how it goes. This is how the delegate math goes — for those of you who are all worried. By the way, you wouldn’t believe the number of sound bites I have coming up from the Drive-By Media commenting on the Limbaugh Effect: How much was it? How big was it? And then, we have some Drive-By people saying here that I am corrupting and perverting democracy, that what I did was ungentlemanly. I’m not kidding you. We’ve got the sound bites coming up. No, I’m not kidding at all. I’ve got the sound bites coming up.

Let me tell you something, folks. You who listen to this program regularly understand one of the guiding principles of this program, and that is to illustrate absurdity by being absurd. If the Democrats and if the media can pick our nominee, then why the hell can’t we pick theirs? If it’s really fine and dandy and wonderful and bipartisan for Democrats and independents to cross over in the early Republican primaries in states where there are not a dominant number of conservative Republicans and essentially nominate Senator McCain, how come that’s all hunky-dory, how come that’s wonderful, how come that’s all sweetness and light, how come that’s democracy in action? But when Republicans, after our nominee is already chosen, decide to enter the Democrat primary and express their wishes on that side of the aisle, how come that’s corrupting democracy? It’s not corrupting, it’s just making them mad, which is another objective that we succeeded in pulling off.

Let me give you the delegate math here to calm some of your fears out there. If Clinton and Obama basically tie in the remaining 12 contests, Obama would need 164 superdelegates to come his way to put him over the magic number of 2,024. Here’s the thing that you have to understand. Because of what happened yesterday, this contest is assured to go another three months to Puerto Rico on June 7th, exactly as we told you in a piece written — I forget who wrote it — in American Spectator on Monday. There is no way that either one of these two candidates is going to wrap up the number of delegates by Puerto Rico, which means we’re going to get Florida and we’re going to get Michigan redo’s. That will happen in June sometime. Well, I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I would bet that we get Florida and Michigan redo’s. ‘Well, yeah, because you can’t disenfranchise all those voters. It’s just not right, Mr. Limbaugh, we can’t do it.’ Remember what I told you, Snerdley, there are no rules in the Democrat Party; there are only customs and traditions. Don’t frown at me. Stop and think of it.

Do you realize what a brilliant observation that is? There are no rules, and therefore there are no rules to break. There are customs, traditions. And, of course, one of the great Democrat traditions, one of the great Democrat customs is every vote counts, at least twice, and sometimes three times. It’s a great custom. It’s been that way in Chicago for a long time; been that way in West Virginia for a long time. They tried to make that happen in Cuyahoga County last night. I keep hearing judges are loath to keep polling places open. (laughing) Democrat judges aren’t, certainly not in St. Louis and not in Cleveland.


RUSH: All right, here’s the delegate math on the Democrat side. There are 611 delegates up for grabs in the remaining 12 Democrat contests. Obama is estimated by ABC News now to have 1,555 of those delegates. That means that he would need to win 77% of all the remaining pledged delegates to hit the magic number of 2,024 to secure the nomination. This is ‘highly unlikely, due to the proportional delegate allocation rules’ in the Democrat Party. Hillary would need to win 94% of all the remaining pledged delegates to hit the magic number of 2,024. She’s estimated to have 1,449 delegates now, by ABC News. So neither of them — neither of them — can get there in the primary process, neither of them can. (McCain impression) ‘This, my friends, is the goal! Limbaugh is doing my job for me. That’s what nobody understands. Way to go, Rush!’ So they’re going to have to rely on superdelegates — and that’s going to be even more fun! (laughing) And then they might have to go back and redo Florida, might have to go back and redo Michigan, any number of things, ladies and gentlemen. So the chaos will continue.

Mrs. Clinton is now talking about a joint ticket, with herself on top. She is! Mrs. Clinton is saying we have to be on the ticket with myself on top, and Obama says it’s too soon to talk about a joint ticket, much less who’s on top. By the way, by the way, that’s her choice of words, not mine, this ‘who’s on top’ business. (interruption) What do you mean, ‘How brazen’? It’s the Clintons, Snerdley. What do you expect? Do you understand, after last night… (interruption) That’s right. After last night… Well, he’s got big problems coming up. The Rezko trial, that’s going to be big. That started this week. They’re impaneling a jury, going to be a drip, drip, drip, drip sort of information coming out about the guy that Obama was involved with buying his house. Look, Obama hasn’t had a bunch of negative stuff thrown his way before; it’s just now starting, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how this all plays out. It will lead to chaos.


RUSH: Now, let me borrow some other Democrat thinking, liberal philosophy that we have heard over the last couple of years. We have Hillary and Obama, and they are mired in a death struggle. They are mired in a fight to the death. What’s the exit strategy for Hillary or Obama? What will they do to make sure that the people of this country do not hate the Democrat Party? What will they do to protect the reputation of the Democrat Party? Remember, as Rummy said, folks, paraphrasing, you don’t go to Denver with the delegates you want; you go to Denver with the delegates that you have. Remember Rumsfeld said, ‘You don’t go to war with the army you want; you go to war with the army you have.’ Remember the liberals had a conniption over that? All right, like I said, the same thing here, Barack Obama and Hillary, you don’t go to Denver with the delegates you want; you go with the delegates that you have. Would it be fair, ladies and gentlemen, to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is in a quagmire? It is definitely fair because it’s imminently accurate. She is in a quagmire. She needs to win 97% of the remaining delegates. She can’t do it. Obama needs to win 77%. He can’t do it, but he’s got a better chance than she does. But she’s certainly not going to win 97% of the remaining delegates in the pledged delegates in the remaining 12 primaries.

So we can say that Hillary is in a quagmire. Therefore, does Hillary, in a quagmire, running the risk of a civil war in the Democrat Party, and Barack Obama, do Hillary and Barack owe America a timetable for withdrawal from the Democrat primaries? Look at the reputation that they are giving this party around the world. It’s not good. A foreign minister of Iran has come out in favor for the candidate for change. Psst! That’s Obama. The North Koreans, same thing. They’re in favor of the candidate of change. What is this doing to our reputation? What is this bloody fight in the Democrat Party doing to America’s reputation around the world? Canada is in turmoil here over what Barack said he would do with NAFTA and then what he told them privately he wouldn’t do with NAFTA. We’ve caused an international incident before he’s even president. Folks, the nation’s reputation is at stake here, and the Democrat Party has made it so, and I think both Barack and Hillary owe America a timetable for pulling out of these primaries.

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