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Rush’s Morning Update: Mercy, Mercy Me!
March 6, 2008

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Folks, primary bottom line: I succeeded –Hillary isn’t going away. As Democrats continue their bloody, uncivil war, we can momentarily turn our attention westward…

… To Ventura County, California. Theyproduce a quarter of all the strawberries America consumes there. But now those berry producers are beingburiedby new regulations. The pesticides that farmers use to keep their crops from being destroyed by pests supposedly produce too much smog. So,in order to meet yet another Federal Clean Air Act legal mandate,the farmers must cut fumes in half — now.

Last year,12,000 acres of strawberries were harvested in Ventura County, with a market value of $323 million. California’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the latest mandate will leave farmers no choice but to strip production from over 7,000 acres.

Now, this is a first –even in California. In the past, when one pesticide was banned,others could be substituted. The new regs ban all pesticides– leaving no option for farmers– except leaving the ground unplanted. Some will lose their livelihood.These new regulations, by the way,will also result in higher food prices nationwide. Other crops: also affected.

Score another victory for theenvironmentalist wackos; another loss for the people who make this country work. As for you farmers in California, why don’t yousee if youcan be placed on the “endangered species” list, next to the kangaroo rat or spotted owl.Maybe liberals will show youa little mercy… then.

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