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RUSH: I want to take you back to this program. One of the biggest See, I Told You So’s ever. January 28th of this year, this is what I said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: My prediction is quite simple, ladies and gentlemen, founded in pure, pure logic, and it is this: Remember that picture on the cover of TIME Magazine that portrayed the African-American O.J. Simpson much darker than he actually is, and remember people said, what the hell is that, and TIME said hey, shut up, this is journalistic photographic license. No, it’s not, that’s not how he looks. If TIME Magazine has no compunction about Photoshopping a cover picture of O.J. Simpson to make him look blacker than he is, don’t be surprised, ladies and gentlemen, if incoming Clinton-Obama ads are made to appear darker than he is. Did you Drive-Bys get that? And did you people at Media Matters for America get that? I know these people. I know ’em like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and not predicting it, I’m just telling you don’t be surprised if the next time you see a Clinton still shot in an ad, be much easier to doctor a still shot than a whole running piece of video, much less expensive. You see one of those things and Obama will seem darker than he normally does to you.

RUSH: Well, it is happened. It happened yesterday. This is from the FoxNews.com website: ‘A controversial new Hillary Clinton attack ad is causing an Internet stir among critics who claim it deliberately darkens Barack Obama’s skin color. A posting on the liberal site DailyKos.com shows side-by-side screen grabs of Barack Obama taken during a debate with Clinton in Cleveland last week. The screen grab used in the Clinton ad shows a clearly darker-skinned Obama, prompting some to wonder if it was done to highlight his race. Despite the strong similarities between the ad on the DailyKos site and the original ad on Clinton’s Web site, Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said he spoke with the campaign’s chief ad maker, Mandy Grunwald, who said emphatically the ad on DailyKos ‘was not their ad.’ ‘We don’t know what is up there, but it is not our ad,’ Carson said.’ Now, it could be that this just happened when they changed — this was a video ad, and when you change resolutions, pixels, could have happened. But I was all over this. Here’s the picture. Can you see, Mr. Snerdley, on the right side, you have a much darker Obama, a less clean-looking Obama than on the left side in the Clinton ad.

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