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RUSH: To the phones quickly, Champaign, Illinois, Pat, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Oh, how you doing?

RUSH: Good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: This is the first time I heard your show.

RUSH: What, today?

CALLER: Yeah. I was just hitting scan on the radio, and I came across you. I’m a pretty good liberal out of Illinois. But you hooked me with what you said about McCain and how you said that it was somehow manipulated by the media to present him as a candidate, and that’s how I feel about Hillary and Barack where it was just some kind of watered-down ploy to get those two candidates as the head front-runners for the Democratic Party. And now why would the head of two parties who are going to run for president, why would both sides feel that their candidate, was so-called weak-willed and not the best presentation to run for office?

RUSH: I’m not sure I understand your point because of my illness. It’s not your fault. It’s my ability to concentrate.


RUSH: I’m not sure. Are you blaming the media for picking the nominees of both parties?

CALLER: Yeah. I think that’s —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — not happy with Barack —

RUSH: I need another question. Are you a liberal?


RUSH: Okay. You’re a liberal Democrat hearing the freshman for the first time today. Do you like or not like Hillary or Obama as either your nominee?

CALLER: Nah, I don’t like ’em.

RUSH: What about, you like McCain or not?

CALLER: I don’t like McCain, either. I’m just… You know what? I’ve giving up liberals. I’m not going to jump over to get a conservative vote until I see a good candidate from their side, but I’m just surprised to hear…

RUSH: Let me know when you find one, will you, because I’d like to join you.

CALLER: Yeah. (laughs) I’m surprised to hear that. I’m surprised to hear that McCain’s not the candidate that the conservatives want. I know that he’s been weak-willed and pretty liberal in his Senate votes, but I’m surprised to feel that both candidates on both sides of the lines… I think more people are just jumping on Barack and Hillary’s bandwagon because they’re upset with Bush’s policies. That doesn’t mean they’re good candidates. That just means they want change in the office. So how are we stuck with two parties but not a good candidate from either one? What party’s going to grasp it?

RUSH: Well, all right, all right. Let me help you, Pat, here. We have three senators running, and that ought to tell you. We haven’t elected a senator as president in this country since 1960. Now it looks like we’re not going to have a choice. We’re going to get a senator, and those people are megalomaniacal. They have egos like you cannot believe. There are only 100 of them, and they all think they should be president. Now these three are out there acting like they should be and they’re running for the office. You know, senators, they’re a different breed than governors. They’re not executives. They don’t delegate things. I mean, they delegate things within their staff, but they are very, very, very hands on because of their ego and their power. Like a governor, for example, hearing about problems at the DMV is not going to go down there and give them a lecture or a pep talk and say, ‘Look, I’m getting in here.’ He’s going to send somebody from the office, from the Department of Transportation, to go down to DMV and say, ‘Shape up.’ A senator will go to the DMV, especially an Obama or Clinton. They’ll not only go to the DMV; they’ll go to the emissions test center to see if you’re polluting the planet and destroying global warming, and they will do it themselves. But I think one of your reactions here is because they’re all three coming from the Senate. (sigh) Oh, here I go. I’m just jumping in more trouble and every time I open my mouth on this. Well, somebody name for me the last United States senator that inspired a national movement on anything!

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