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Rush’s Morning Update: In It!
March 4, 2008

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Folks, look at me. I know you’ve heard for a couple of weeks now that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win both the Texas and Ohio primaries outright, that things will be pretty much settled for the Democrats. You probably even saw the video of Bill Clinton telling Texas voters it was all up to them; that if Hillary doesn’t win, she’s through — she’s toast. Well, what you saw and what youheard isn’t what you saw and heard, because the goalposts are moving out there.

Now, according to polls going into the primaries, Clinton is up in Ohio; Obama is up in Texas. So there’s a new message. Clinton henchman Howard Wolfson says: “This nomination fight is going to go forward after Ohio and Texas… We’re going to go to Pennsylvania, where a lot more Americans are going to vote.” (That should sit well in Texas and Ohio!)

Some Democrats aren’t thrilled. Bill Richardson calls this “D-Day” for the Democrats; that it’s time to bring the party together and run a positive campaign. (That’s a laugher; when have they ever done that?) Senator Dick Turban,Obama ally, says if Mrs. Clinton doesn’t win big she should “reexamine her prospects.” “I hope that there’s an honest appraisal of her chances to win the nomination after Tuesday,”said Dick Turban.

Folks, a little question for you out there. When was the last time– when was the first time?– thatthe Clintons were honest about anything? The fact is, as long as Obama is one delegate shy of winning the nomination, Hillary is in this — even if hehas more than enough delegates!She’s still in itif she has to blow up the convention hall in Denver! Trust me — and don’t doubt me.

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