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RUSH: Last hour, as you know, I shared with you the following story. Michelle Obama, ‘Don’t go into corporate America.’ It’s a Byron York story at National Review Online. And, essentially, this was in Zanesville, Ohio, where Mrs. Obama — by the way, I tell you people, if Barack becomes president and therefore she becomes first lady, his biggest problem is going to be her mouth. She’s going to be out there launching every day on whatever. You can say what you want about Hillary, she had some discipline as first lady. This babe — (interruption) who are you talking about, H.R.? (laughing) H.R. said, ‘What’s different about Michelle Obama in that regard than anybody else’s wife?’ Believe me, at least Hillary had some discipline. But this babe, Michelle, whew, she’s going to be out there, have her own agenda, and not because she wants to be co-president. I can see press conferences, ‘What about what your wife said last night, Mr. President?’ ‘Well, we’re talking about that.’ I can just see this now. She’s in Zanesville, Ohio, and she basically is telling people there, don’t go into corporate America because to get into corporate America you’ll have to go to college and to go to college you need student loans. She told a story of herself and Barack not being able to pay off their student loans until their forties, not until Barack wrote a couple of big-time books.

She, of course, was making 316 grand or something at the hospital doing community service work as recently as 2005. But, one of the points that she made was to single out various corporate positions to avoid. And one of those things that she said to avoid was hedge funds. She said to these people in Zanesville, ‘Forget lucrative positions like corporate law or hedge fund management and go into the helping industry,’ even if the sacrifice is great. Now, I do recall after doing the story, I asked you, ‘Anybody famous you know that went into hedge funds?’ And, lo and behold, Chelsea Clinton went into hedge funds. I don’t think this was accidental. Also, corporate law. Did not Mrs. Clinton herself go into corporate law, such as cattle futures trading, she was on the Wal-Mart board, and a number of women said, ‘You are missing this. You are missing the import of this, because you’re a man. You don’t see this. You don’t understand what has just happened here with what Michelle Obama did here. I mean this is like a womb-to-womb frontal attack, one woman to another. This is Michelle Obama, mother-to-mother kick to Hillary’s uterus saying, ‘You want to sling dirt on my husband, sister? You’re a sucky mother. You raised your daughter to be a hedge fund manager.”

You know, Hillary is very proud of what a great parent she is, and Michelle Obama went right at that, direct hit, perfect female insult. ‘Rush, the men won’t notice this, but believe me, Hillary herself is livid at the comment. It was the whole point of Michelle’s riff, which seems so odd in that setting of relatively poor and uneducated people in the audience. That wasn’t the audience she was speaking to. She was speaking to Hillary Clinton when she starts attacking hedge funds and corporate law, because, make no mistake about it, Rush, Michelle Obama loves her man, and Mrs. Clinton and her husband are out there slinging dirt on this guy, and they’re dropping this picture of Obama dressed up like a terrorist, and they know what they’re doing.’ I have to defer here to women who are pointing this out to me. That would have totally escaped me. I ran a little test. I ran it by Snerdley. He pooh-poohed it, ‘It’s crazy, it’s crazy,’ until I detailed it even further, and then he seemed to understand it but at the same time, didn’t really care. (laughing) He just said to me, ‘Women are women.’

Snerdley is primarily interested in Michelle Obama in terms of her looks. He likes the little flip in her hair, says she’s a babe. But I’m telling you, Snerdley, all that may be true, but what emanates, comes out of that oral cavity of hers… folks, this is exactly what I meant when I was urging you earlier this week to vote for Hillary in Texas. We need this soap opera to continue. We need Obama and Michelle Obama getting politically bloodied up. We need the whining; we need the moaning. I mean, Hillary’s out there moaning now about women not supporting her and how women need to come back to her.

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