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RUSH: I want to expand a little bit on this debate last night. We’ve got some audio sound bites of it coming up, and I might get to ’em later on in the program. But to analyze this debate in sort of a horse race fashion: Who did better here? Did Hillary slap Obama around on health care? That misses the whole point. It misses the whole point. In the first place, at this stage, when it comes to Obama’s supporters, it doesn’t matter what he’s saying. I’m not trying to be funny. I know it sounds funny to say, ‘He says nothing better than anybody’s ever said it.’ He’s saying a little bit more than nothing if you listen carefully, but right now it’s just totally about how he’s saying it. He cool. He’s calm, collected. He’s conversational. He’s competent. He’s very articulate. This is something that a lot of people… I’ve told you for eons, folks, ‘The way you speak will have a lot to say about how smart people think you are,’ and he’s perceived to be smart. He’s perceived to be brilliant.

I found the whole thing — I don’t care who won what — scary last night because in terms of the policy differences between them, there are none, and if Obama is elected president, he’s got policy. But his voters don’t care. This is the scary thing. That’s not why they’re with him. They don’t even know. That’s not the attraction. This is a movement. This is a movement designed to make people feel like they matter again, to make ’em feel like they have purpose in their lives, meaning in their lives. They’re behind something and they don’t even really know what it is, and these are the kind of people that when you tell them, they’re going to reject it. If it makes ’em feel bad, they’re going to reject it. They don’t want to feel bad about Obama — and they’re not going to want to hear how he gets facts wrong. They’re not going to want to hear the absolute evidence of his total inexperience in dealing with foreign policy. Some of the things that he said last night about — he’s going to have a worldwide ban, for example, on fissile material. Do you realize what that means?

That means he’s going to turn everybody’s lights out around the world! It’s a worldwide ban on fissile material, that means he’s going to shut down every power plant that there is. I don’t even think he knows what he’s saying. He just sounds good when he says it. He’s got an audience that’s made up of class envy types. If you have no meaning in your life, and you’re searching for it, and you want purpose; well, it stands to reason you’re going to look at successful people, achieved people as the enemy. You’re going to look at them with envy. You’re going to look at them with anger — if you’re being asked to, if your leader is promoting that — and you’re going to want to get even with them. So there’s really nothing new here. This is standard Democrat liberal dogma. But he’s not acquiring support on the basis of that. He’s acquiring support on other things. So, when the time comes to start trying to talk to his supporters — and his are not supporters. His are followers. This is going to pose a great challenge. When you start trying to talk followers out of following, you are up for a huge challenge. You’ve got a big challenge when you try. Pardon the analogy here. I don’t mean to be insulting.

But try to dissuade a devout Christian against Christianity. You’re not going to do it. You’re going to solidify the attachment. I thought about opening the program today actually asking, ‘Is Obama even qualified to be president on the basis of separation of church and state?’ because he is a religion, in the sense that he has followers. So it’s going to be very, very delicate process here to pick off his followers and get them to abandon him. Now, there are a number of variables here. We’ve got all these national polls — and, by the way, the national polls are not uniform as people are telling us. The Drive-Bys are trying to tell us that Obama is cleaning everybody’s clock, Hillary’s and McCain’s nationwide. It’s not true. There are a couple opposing polls — Rasmussen is one, I forget another one — where McCain is beating Obama right now. But in those polls where Obama is leading, you can’t rule out the Wilder Effect. You just can’t. That is where people lie to pollsters about their desire to support the black candidate, because they don’t want the pollster to think that they’re racist.

But when it gets time to go vote and you go into the voting booth and it’s just you in there, to hell with what you told the pollster. You vote your own way. So it’s way too soon to make anything of these polls, but it’s not too soon to explain to people what Obama and his presidency would mean, either Hillary or Obama. You listen to that debate last night as I listened to it and you’re listening to two people argue about how to destroy capitalism. That’s what I heard. How can we destroy capitalism? On one hand we had Mrs. Clinton once again talking about ‘taking’ $55 billion in profits from special interests. Well, all of a sudden now Big Oil has become a special interest. Big Pharmaceutical has become a special interest. So we’re going to take their profits and we’re going to do what? We’re going to ‘reinvest them.’ In what? Health care, whatever social program that liberals want to utilize to create serfs out of people.

We’re not just talking about people who want to create dependents. We’re talking about two people that want as many Americans to become serfs — s-e-r-f, serfs — of the state, as they can make, as they can manufacture. So I watched this last night in utter — well, I wouldn’t say I was palpably frightened, but it’s scary. It’s scary. They’re just going to wipe out treaties. They’re gonna cut down treaties. They’re going to do whatever they have to do, and it’s going to be so easy to do. They’ll just wave a magic wand, and all of these things are going to happen. They’re going to tell the candidate in Mexico, ‘Hey! Screw it. We’re getting out of NAFTA.’ You know, by the way, the people of Youngstown… If I lived in Youngstown, Ohio, after last night’s debate, I’d be offended. I would be sick and tired of my town being made out to be some ghost town of losers. But that’s what they did, and this is how Democrats relate to various people.

Youngstown, Ohio, is not a community of losers, but that’s how the Democrats made Youngstown sound last night and a couple of other Ohio towns, and it will be on to Texas. They’ll find a couple loser towns in Texas that they can — well, there aren’t any more debates, but ads or what have you. But it’s going to be a nifty trick to separate Obama from his followers, because they’re not going to want to hear about his flaws. They’re going to get very defensive. It’s going to be like attacking a family member. You know, a family member can rip a family member to shreds. You try it, and the family will circle the wagons against you — and all the reprobates in the family that know they’re reprobates will get rid of you and let you know what is what. So it’s going to be fascinating. It’s going to be a big challenge here for Senator McCain to find a way to distance Obama’s followers from him.

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