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Rush’s Morning Update: The Cost
February 28, 2008

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We have three items for you today, folks. First: With crude oil hovering over a hundred bucks a barrel, Nancy Pelosi scheduled a vote to raise taxes on America’s oil companies. To the tune of $18 billion. That tax increase, naturally, would be passed on to you, the consumer. Some of the money, say Democrats, would be used to invest in “alternative energy sources.”

Which brings us to Item No. 2: The Democrat-Party-inspired move to produce more ethanol has already led to soaring food prices –which you are paying every day. And now a new safety threat’semerged. Huge tankers laden with ethanol now crisscross American highways,but many fire departments don’t have the special foam that’s needed to put out the ethanol fires– which are more intense than gasoline fires (water doesn’t work). The ethanol foam costs about 30 percent more than the foam used to put out gas fires,so cash-strapped communities are left totally exposed.

Now the finalitem: Democrat Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid recently declared that coal used to generate electricity is, quote, “ruining the world.” Henry Nostrilitis Waxman, California Democrat, supports a ban on new coal-fired power plants. Now Democrat attacks on the coal industry are getting the desired results. Big Coal is “donating” millions to candidates this cycle, mostly to Democrats. The No. 1 recipientis Barack Obama. The No. 2 recipient,Hillary Clinton. Just call it “protection money.”

Now, what do these three news items have in common? They represent just a fraction of the cost — of the left’s manmade global warming hoax.

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