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RUSH: Well, I know we were all hoping that Mrs. Clinton would win one for the Lipper last night, but it just didn’t happen. Bill Clinton, the Lipper, the biting the lower lip. It was bad. It was just bad. The only hope, ladies and gentlemen, is if the audience sees this as three guys ganging up on the girl. Russert bullied Mrs. Clinton last night. Obama sort of ganged up on her, and Brian Williams, we had three guys ganging up on Mrs. Clinton last night. I know she’s running for president, but we’ve had some stories, comments from angry women this week who think it’s really unfair what’s happening to Mrs. Clinton. But the whining about always being the one to get the first question. ‘I’ll be glad to answer it, but why do I always get the first question?’ This was not the Hillary we know. She tried to be a little bit more feisty last night, but she just wasn’t able to pull this off.

Now, I was chatting back and forth with a bunch of people last night watching this, and Andy McCarthy sends me this funny note. He’s at National Review Online. He said, ‘My God, this is absolutely fabulous! Why, Russert obviously has written Hillary off, because he’s treating her like she’s a Republican.’ I looked at that and I said, ‘That is exactly the way he’s treating her, like she’s a Republican.’ (laughing) And then some women, the North Carolina mistress, ‘Boy Hillary looks good tonight.’ I was stunned. This was about a half hour into the debate. ‘Boy, she looks good tonight, she looks good.’ I wrote back to the North Carolina mistress, I said, ‘What? She’s getting her clock cleaned.’ That was not the perspective of the North Carolina mistress, but it was of all the guys that I was chatting with that were watching. (interruption) What? You don’t think she got — (interruption) well, it got better. It got better as it went on. The first 30 minutes were pretty bad, and she did get a little feisty. But she didn’t slap him around. He was unflappable.

He was Mr. Cool, Snerdley. He didn’t get slapped around. He didn’t get slapped around at all. Let me tell you, there is a rumor circulating — I hate to talk about rumors like this. I’ve heard it from two different people. Well, I don’t know who the source of the rumor is, but the people that it’s coming from are not crackpots. The rumor is that Mrs. Clinton’s internal numbers are so bad in Ohio and Texas that she is considering withdrawing from the race Friday to avoid the humiliation of massive, massive defeats next Tuesday. Now, I kind of doubt this because if you’re going to get humiliated, why not wait ’til after, instead of quitting. But this stuff, it’s starting to circulate. It might be originating from the Obama camp. The Breck Girl could be… I’m just guessing, I’m just telling you that I’ve had two different people run this by me today. I’m not predicting it. All I know is that the people who have told me do not know crackpots or kooks.


RUSH: Dick in St. Louis. You’re next, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Rush?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I want to put a stake into the Clintons now, while we have the opportunity. I don’t want to depend on the central election to do so. And yesterday you were urging Republicans to vote for Hillary. I don’t want to take that chance.

RUSH: Yeah, but even I, in good conscience, can’t continue that. In fact, I was thinking about — until I received news of Mr. Buckley’s death today, I was going to open the program praising her performance, talking about how masterful it was, how she really, you know, cut Obama down to size. But I didn’t think I’d be able to pull that off with any credibility. I understand where you’re coming from. There are a lot of people like you, too, Dick.

CALLER: That’s what I was going to say. I voted in the Missouri primary, and my whole family, we’re Republicans, and we all voted for Obama. We didn’t want to take any chance on Hillary.

RUSH: Yeah, I understand. There are a lot of people like this. The effect the Clintons have on people. When you got a chance to show Dracula the cross, you do it. When you got a chance to drive a stake in the heart of the vampire, you do it. You don’t wait for some more opportune time. I know that there are people who are looking at this as an opportunity to be done with these people forever in the sense, in the context in which they have been so dominate in Democrat Party life since 1992.

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