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RUSH: I talked earlier about what’s happening in Texas in terms of Republicans voting Obama. It’s a Houston Chronicle story: ‘In Democrat Primary, Expect a GOP Turnout; Perhaps Fueled by Clinton Dislike, Many Republicans to Vote for Obama.’ I understand I’ve got a big challenge here to try to get Republicans to change their minds on this and vote for Hillary to keep her in the race, to keep that party at war with itself. This is how the story begins: ‘At John’s barber and styling shop in the historic downtown of this conservative community southeast of Austin, politics is clearly in the air these days. What has particularly struck stylist Pete Campos is how many of his Republican customers are talking about voting for Barack Obama [next week] motivated more, he surmised, by a strong dislike of Hillary Clinton than a strong attachment to Obama. ‘I think Hillary scares some people,’ said Campos, an independent who is leaning toward voting for the Illinois senator.

‘According to polling, as well as anecdotal evidence, an unusually large number of Republicans and independents may cast their votes in the Democratic contest next week, a prospect that could tip the outcome of what polls show is now a tight race. Such defections could also affect the many local and state legislative primaries around the state. An American Research Group poll released Monday showed Obama leading Clinton, 71 percent to 25 percent, among Texas independents and Republicans who are likely to vote in the Democratic primary. … Daron Shaw, a political science professor at University of Texas, said surveys he conducted in two state legislative districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area revealed that almost a quarter of voters with a history of voting in GOP primaries planned on participating in the Democratic primary. Shaw, who conducts exit polls for Fox News, said that while some Republicans are voting in the Democratic primary largely for strategic reasons, he said others may be tired of GOP control of government and are drawn to a fresh face and ideas.’

Eh, who knows? ‘Michael Jones, a 39-year-old self-described conservative Republican who is involved in marketing, said he will cast his vote for Obama … ‘so Hillary gets out.’ But he isn’t enamored of Obama, a first-term senator whose experience has come under fire from both Clinton and McCain. ‘I just wish he would get some substance,’ Jones said. Yet Jones said he is undecided about the general election because he doesn’t like McCain, whom he described as ‘just another Washington senator.” So you see, confusion is running rampant out there, and it’s clear that Republicans in Texas have been listening to this program where we have advised Republicans to pimp themselves for a day and go vote in the Democrat primary. It’ll teach them what it’s like, by the way. They screwed our primaries up early up, all these Democrats and independents in these open states showing up and voting for a bunch of non-conservatives. It’s about time we screwed them up. I just think, at this stage, the longer Hillary can stay in this, the better for us, is the bottom line.


RUSH: I know I’m fighting an uphill battle here, folks, on trying to convince you Republicans in Ohio and Texas to cross over, pimp yourselves for a day, vote for Hillary to keep this campaign going, this Uncivil War, Democrat Party. I know what’s going to happen. Even if I convince you to do it — remember what this is, this is about us winning. You have to understand, it’s not about Hillary winning; it’s about us winning. It’s about our party winning. It’s about those people losing. They’ve got some problems in the Democrat Party. It’s not all sweetness and light over there, and we need them to continue warring with each other. We love these stories of black people claiming they’ve been threatened with violence or their lives because they’re not supporting Obama. We want all this kind of stuff out there. We want the Clinton campaign to keep pumping out these pictures of Obama dressed up as Bin Laden. We want this kind of stuff. If Hillary loses this thing, all of that’s going to come to a screeching halt. We want all the disruption in that party as possible. It’s about us winning.

I know what’s going to happen. Even if I persuade you to go in there, to pimp yourself for a day in Ohio and Texas next Tuesday, you’re going to go in the ballot, you’re going to go in the booth, and you’re going to start punching the hole there for Hillary. It’s sort of like Peter Sellers and Dr. Strangelove, he wanted to salute Hitler, you kept having to grab his arm to keep — your arm is just going to be naturally tending to go away from Hillary, it’s going to be a fight, because you just can’t bring yourself. Never in your life would you ever have believed, A, that I would be recommending you do it, and B, that you would. I know it’s going to be very difficult. I am stunned. This Clinton campaign is inept. Well, actually I’m not stunned. Actually I’m vindicated, because ever since the nineties, we’ve been hearing about how Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. She’s inept! Everything that she has touched at the Clinton administration bombed; everything, in a policy sense or a strategic sense. This campaign of hers has been an absolute disaster. First, the attitudinal arrogance to think that it was a coronation and that she was inevitable, and then when it turned out not to be that, not knowing what to do, not having the right people in the right place.

You know, that campaign managerette of hers, Patti Solis Doyle, one of the reasons she was canned, she was watching soap operas every day, according to TheAtlantic.com. She was watching these soap operas, so the Clinton campaign said. Now, if she was actually doing that, that means she was just a figurehead to try to get the Hispanic vote. But Patti Solis Doyle had been with Hillary since the Arkansas days. Do you know how it has to frost her? I know I keep saying this, but you’ve gotta try to understand this. She gave up everything. Do you know how mad she is when she goes to bed at night? She gave up everything, and now she’s even having to abandon the whole notion she was co-president, because Obama successfully called her out on all the Clinton administration failures. He’s out there saying, ‘Well, you can’t say you were co-president on that when it worked and you weren’t co-president on that when it didn’t work. You’re either co-president or you weren’t.’ So now she’s having to go back to being advisor, first lady and advisor. She goes to bed every night, I’m telling you, she’s probably got little voodoo dolls in her bedroom, she throws darts at them.

She has got to be so mad, here the country ostensibly loved her husband, even though he never got more than 50% of the vote, apparently the country loved old Bill, and the Democrat Party is rejecting her out of hand. It’s not just upsetting to Cokie Roberts and Dee Dee Myers. It’s gotta be upsetting to Hillary that she is being rejected and that lug husband of hers was so loved and adored by the Democrat Party, and she isn’t? You gotta understand these are not happy days. (interruption) I’m sure she does have a Rush Limbaugh doll in that room she’s throwing darts at, a little voodoo room, but I’m telling you, I’m on her side here. We are trying to save this. Bill Clinton and I on the same side here in trying to continue to promote the chaos in the Democrat Party.

(playing of Bill Clinton spoof)

(playing of Obama Hope spoof)

You want to hear how the wheels are coming off on the Clinton campaign? This is not good. Yesterday during a telephone conference call, Hillary Clinton campaign communications director Howard Wolfson spoke with reporters. This is phone quality here. An unidentified reporter said to Howard Wolfson, ‘What it is about this approach and this tone that you think is a smart strategy to try to stay ahead in the polls?’

WOLFSON: I think it is true that every time the Obama campaign and this campaign has attacked Senator Clinton in the worst kind of personal ways, attacked her veracity, attacked her credibility, said that she would say or do anything to get elected, the press has largely applauded him. When we have attempted to make contrasts with Senator Obama, we have been criticized for it. That is a fact of life that we labor under.

RUSH: Yeah. And he continued here with this.

WOLFSON: I reject the notion that Senator Clinton has been engaged in this sort of seriatim attacks on Senator Obama. I think Senator Obama’s entire campaign against Senator Clinton is negative. I think he has run against her as the status quo, he has essentially called her divisive, he has called her untruthful, he has questioned her credibility, he has said she will do or say anything to get elected. Now, if that’s not negative, I don’t know what negative is. His entire campaign is premised on that point from day one.

RUSH: See, we gotta keep this alive! This is Howard Wolfson. None of this makes any sense, but we need these charges to continue to be made against Obama, because our side is not going to make ’em. I know — it sounds like an alternative universe. By the way, after Obama decried the use of the picture with him dressed up like al-Zawahiri, a supporter of his showed up on the Scarborough show today on DNCTV, Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson. And Willie Geist, one of the participants on Scarborough’s show, said, ‘I’d like to give the American voters more credit than to think they’ll see a picture of Obama dressed in a costume and not vote for him and think that he’s Muslim, hopefully. What do you make of this kind of politics?’

DYSON: Obviously the Obama campaign itself has galvanized the hopefulness of millions of Americans, and hopefully that hopefulness is predicated upon high intelligence and a mental capacity that is beyond the fourth grade.

RUSH: We need to keep this alive. What did he say here? Hopefully that hopefulness? (laughing)See, once he gets the nomination, Obama is going to stop making these kind of ‘hope’ speeches. He’ll move on to other things.


RUSH: I also think it’s important here to call out ladies and gentlemen, the media. The media has turned on the Clintons, and the bias and the venom shown toward the Clintons and the favoritism being shown toward Obama is offensive. We need to keep chaos alive. That is the slogan of this program, but we’re not going to be able to keep chaos alive… Look, here’s a hard-hitting story from the Drive-Bys on Obama. It’s by Anne Flaherty of the Associated Press. ‘Barack Obama Prefers Cooperation Abroad.’ Well, who the hell doesn’t prefer cooperation? It’s how you get it. Sometimes you have to be warrior-like to get cooperation. And then from the Chicago Sun-Times: ‘How Low Will Hillary’s Camp Go?’ It’s clearly biased, clearly unfair, clearly targeted toward the Clintons. This is absolutely outrageous. How low will the Hillary camp go? This is about the Bin Laden picture. You know there’s another one? There’s another picture of Obama in African garb. The AP has had it, and it’s been showing up on some website that’s kind of dubious, so people aren’t sure if it’s really real. You can Photoshop these things. But he’s wearing the traditional robe that many religious people in Africa wear, but he’s wearing Muslim headgear. And it points that out. So another picture out there, AP’s had it, shows up on this website. Clearly the media has turned unfairly against Mrs. Clinton, and if we don’t point this out, who will?


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