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Rush’s Morning Update: Wrong Again!
February 26, 2008

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Last week, in a stunning projection of our military’s power, the US Navyblew upone of our own dead and potentially dangerous spy satellites up there in outer space; it wasorbiting the earth.

Now, analysts dug up by the Drive-By Media, are complaining that our success knocking out that satellite also undercut diplomacy.That’s right, my friends: Our military, taking out our own dead satellite, “blew another hole in hopes that the world’s nations could forge a treaty making outer space a weapons-free realm.” And it couldn’t have come at a worse time! Why, just days after Russia and China submitted a draft treaty to the UN Conference on Disarmament! (And not to mention the fact thatthe ChiComsknocked a satellite out of orbit without first telling anybody last year, and they’rein the midst of a huge military buildup –asare the Russians. )

Now, afew points here, folks. First off, both Hillary andObama have signaled they’re willing to ban space weapons– which would put us at a deadly military disadvantage. I’m here to tell you, no matter what the ChiComs or the Russians say or sign, they will strive for supremacy in space-based weapons– and they will continue stealing our technology if they have to.

And let’s not forgetwhere this allcame from: Ronaldus Magnus. Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Star Wars –which liberals went bonkers over,claiming it would never workand shouldn’t be tried. (The Reagan legacy, thankfully,lives on.)

Then,like now, the liberals were completely wrong: underestimating our own capabilities and underestimating the need for us to defend this nation… in an increasingly dangerous world.

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