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“I don’t know if McCain’s ever been accused of being a racist, but if he hasn’t, he’d better get used to it.”

“You Clinton people are embarrassing me! This is such rank amateurism! If you’re going to put this picture out there, at least talk about it! You know, ask what Barack Obama is trying to accomplish with the Ayman al-Zawahiri look.”

“Universal health care coverage… Take a look at anyplace they have it — Canada, Great Britain, Cuba — and tell me you want to emulate it. Nobody in their right mind would! ‘But, Rush, we’re the United States; we can do it better.’ Socialism is socialism!”

“You remember, ladies and gentlemen, when John Kerry was running for the presidency in 2004? And he went down there to NASA and dressed up in a sperm costume? He did look like a dork.”

“We’re talking about the presidency of the United States, and we’re letting liberals’ creation of political correctness dictate how we’re going to attack a McGovern-style liberal right out of 1972 (if he gets the nomination): Barack Obama.”

“The Democrats have tried to destroy every conservative leader who has popped up; they want us a perpetual minority. We, on the other hand, want what? ‘Bipartisanship.’ For some sordid, sick, psychological reason, we have an inferiority complex.”

“Get this: ‘Suicidal Pets Get Antidepressants.’ You know, I was wondering about this… Punkin has been doing strange things lately; she’s been trying to poke her nose into closet doors that she never cared about before.”

“Snerdley just said: ‘There is not a politician in the world I would stand outside and freeze my tush over to see.’ I said: ‘If your life was meaningless and you were looking for some reason to give it meaning and you’re depressed that football season is over, you might stand in line for an Obama rally.'”

“I’m a Boomer, but I’m from the good branch of Boomers. Some Boomers are so narcissistic and so self-focused that, you’re right: They didn’t care how they left things because it was all about me, me, me, me, me.”

“Hillary may have hurt herself this weekend with the bumblebee outfit. This is, what? The fourth or fifth time she’s worn the bumblebee outfit?”

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