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RUSH: Let’s look, let’s assess where we are, based on what we have learned today from the mouths of liberals. I must preface this by pointing out from the mouths of liberals we have learned this, that Hispanics in the Democrat Party are upset and might not vote for the black guy. We have also learned that liberal Jewish people in south Florida are upset with the black guy. They want to know why nobody is using his middle name, Hussein. They are concerned about his list of foreign visitors, the places he’s going to go to try to make friends. We have learned in the Democrat Party that women are mad at men, white men, white liberal women mad at white men for supporting the black guy. We haven’t heard from the gay-lesbian-transgender movement. We don’t know what their thinking is. Generally gay guys, they’ll side with the candidate that’s the more fashionable. Hillary may have hurt herself with the bumblebee outfit. It’s the fourth or fifth time she’s worn the bumblebee outfit. The lesbians you’d have to assume will side with Hillary here against the black guy, but not sure. The transgenders, that’s anybody’s guess. They may not even know once they decide as they change things a lot.

Meanwhile, from The Nation, a liberal publication, from a blog, headline: ‘John McCain May be Old, but He’s Still a White Guy.’ So that headline sums up the problem. We have a race war, an Uncivil War going on, a race and ethnic war going on in the Democrat Party. Hispanics vowing not to support in significant numbers Obama, women upset that Obama has beat Hillary and they’re blaming white men for it, white men supporting the black guy over a woman who’s given it all for 35 years. This is a slap at all women. Women feel like everything they fought for is down the tubes. South Florida Jews, Democrats, not comfortable voting for Obama, want to know why nobody’s talking about his middle name. Gays and lesbians yet to weigh in, transgenders, too. But with all this going on, The Nation worries, The Nation magazine, a blog, he may be old, he may be this, he’s still a white guy, damn it. And what they mean by this is, we’re cooked, we’re cooked! The racist country is going to elect a white guy again, no matter. He can put his mother’s wig on, you can have him in a rocking chair above the Bates Motel, he’d be right at home. He’s still the white guy.

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