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RUSH: So I was in there watching television during the break. Obama is somewhere in Ohio today with a campaign appearance. It’s freezing up there, and they’ve got this long line of people standing outside waiting to get into the rally, or the revival meeting or whatever happens at these things. Snerdley looks at me and he says, ‘There is not a politician in the world I would stand outside and freeze my tush over to get in and hear.’ I said, ‘If your life was meaningless, and you were looking for some reason to give it meaning and to matter — and if you’re depressed that football season is over, and you have nothing to cheer for — you might stand in line for an Obama rally.’ What prediction did I make to you last week that’s already starting to come true? I’ve given you one instance of it last week, and that is that women — I don’t care if they’re Democrat women, feminist women, liberal women — when all is said and done, if Hillary loses this thing are going to be fit to be tied. They are going to be fit to be tied that men in this country forsake a brilliant, committed, experienced woman for a rookie guy — and then they’re going to blame white guys for being sexist instead of racist. Cokie Roberts illustrates this a bit. In fact, we can almost say we have a new category here: the Angry White Woman. This is during the roundtable on Stephanopoulos’ show This Week yesterday. E. J. Dionne, Jr., was on along with Ron Brownstein and George Will, and here’s Cokie Roberts talking about the Democrat primary race.

ROBERTS: The only group she still really has is white women, and I do think that there’s some possibility that you will see a sort of reaction among white women. I had the opportunity —

STEPHY: Like New Hampshire.

ROBERTS: — to interview Billie Jean King this week. And she said, ‘You know, I feel like everything I’ve worked for all my life is going out the window,’ and there is that sense. I mean, here is this woman who worked hard. She’s done it all the way you’re supposed to do it, and then this cute young man comes in and says a bunch of sweet, you know, nothings, and — and pushes you out of the way. And a lot of women are looking at that and saying, ‘There goes my life.’

RUSH: Boy! Do I know these people or do I know these people? That’s almost verbatim what I predicted they would say! Down to the fact that the guy is saying nothing, and women think their lives are over; everything they’ve worked for is toast. This is why I want Hillary to stay in this. This is fracture. This is dissent. This is anger on the Democrat side. We want to promote this. Look at this. We got more Cokie Roberts come up in just a second. From St. Petersburg Times here in Florida: ”Party Frets Over Fractious Tone’ — Will Democrats unite behind their nominee when the sniping ends? This is a particularly precarious moment for Democrats, as Clinton’s options for victory increasingly seem limited to tearing down Obama or persuading party leaders to hand her the nomination at the nominating convention even if Obama has won more votes and pledged delegates. Anxiety is especially acute in Florida, the country’s most diverse battleground state. Not only do Sunshine State Democrats see potential long-term damage should Florida wind up with no voice at the Democrat nomination, they also see the prospect that the politics of hope could be trumped by the politics of race, gender, and ethnicity.’ Who cares what they think? The fact is they’re unhappy. They are unsettled and they are experiencing moments of disquiet. This needs to be promoted. Look at it in a military sense! When your enemy is eating themselves alive, get out of the way and pass the salt. You know, folks, it’s crucial here, and it’s starting to happen. Here’s more Cokie Roberts.

ROBERTS: The truth is, is that for a Republican running against him he can put him, you know, just squarely on the left of the Democratic Party. You know, he’s got a very — very much, you know, ADA, Americans for Democratic Action-approved voting record. He, unlike Hillary Clinton, oddly enough, given the rhetoric, has not reached across the aisle and worked with people in the other party to get things done, which she has done.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Democrats still think it’s something great when they reach across the aisle because they always win when they do that. But she’s clearly upset that this little rookie — (whispers) ‘the black guy’ — is going to unseat Mrs. Clinton. All these years of service, all these years of sacrifice, and what’s she going to have left at the end of it? Nothing! All because of sexism in this dirty, stinking, rotten country. Dee Dee Myers chimed in on the Today Show today. Matt Lauer said, ‘Dee Dee, talk about the Clinton campaign right now, gone from gracious, to angry, to sarcastic. That’s just in the last three days. Are we watching a candidate who’s truly grasping right now?’

MYERS: Hillary Clinton’s options are limited in many ways because she’s a woman. It’s difficult for her to get angry; it’s difficult for her to be sarcastic; when she gets tough, she sounds like a scold; and I think we have a different standard for how women, umm, can approach going negative, getting tough, and making their point than we do for men.

RUSH: Oh. So, see? I told you people, suddenly, the women, now that she’s on the verge of losing, they are taking it personally, and they’re all taking it as personal rejection. Matt Lauer then said, ‘Well, is it really about sexism, or is it about favoritism? I mean, does the media just have more to grab on to with Obama?’

MYERS: The public has different expectations for women, and I think the press has covered her different as a woman. I think one of the things we’ve learned in this campaign is that the playing field still isn’t level. I don’t think you can separate the fact that she’s a woman. I think it’s still easier to be critical of a woman. I think you can say almost anything about a woman, even if it’s based in gender stereotypes without much penalty, and I think we’ve seen that throughout this race.

RUSH: Do you believe who we are hearing this about? We are hearing this about Hillary Clinton, one of the founders of Clinton, Inc., who is the architect of destructive politics, the politics of personal destruction, and she can’t figure out how to do it, and she can’t get away with it because she’s a woman? What a crock. This is an absolute, full-fledged crock. I’m embarrassed for the Clintons. I am embarrassed for Mrs. Clinton. I am embarrassed that Cokie Roberts and Dee Dee Myers have to go out there and portray her as somebody that’s helpless, unable to fight these battles in the political arena of ideas. She’s hamstrung because of his race. She’s hamstrung because he makes better speeches. There’s nothing she could do? There’s all kinds of things she could have done in this patriotism business, like I pointed out brilliantly in the last hour. She didn’t go there.

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