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RUSH: Lincoln, California, next, and Eddie. Hello, Eddie.

CALLER: Yes, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Never better, sir.

CALLER: Good. We talked before quite a while ago. What I wanted to kind of talk about is Hillary. I had a unique position. I was a fire marshal at UC Berkeley, and the first time that the Secret Service called me was where they, (unintelligible) Gore, and I went there for him, and then about a year-and-a-half later they called me, and Hillary was going to be there, so they wanted to make sure that all the fire regulations were being met, and they wanted me to be there. So I went there. And I’m telling you, beware of Hillary. I mean, what are they, the saying goes, stripes on a zebra doesn’t change? But anyway, whatever the saying is, she was the meanest person I’ve ever seen. The Secret Service is the most professional people I’ve ever met, and I’ve worked with the FBI and ATF and all these other people, which were fine.

RUSH: You’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the FBI or ATF?

CALLER: No, no, nothing.

RUSH: I’m just looking out for you here.

CALLER: They were fine. It was just that the Secret Service was very, very well trained and very professional. And, anyway, I got to see an insight of Hillary that most people don’t see.

RUSH: Yeah, but we’ve heard about it. We have heard about this. We’ve heard about it from the days in the White House. We’ve heard about the tantrums that she’s been throwing with her campaign staff. You’ve actually seen it. We’ve just heard about it.

CALLER: Right. No, I’ve seen it, and it was ugly, and nothing against drunken sailors, but she had a mouth like a drunken sailor.

RUSH: You know what, I’ll tell you what surprises me about this. I’ve heard this about her, but the stories I’ve heard all have her saying these kind of things around people that she would trust not to repeat it or that she knows. I mean, she doesn’t know you from —

CALLER: She probably thought I was like a Secret Service guy.

RUSH: Why, were you dressed like that?

CALLER: Well, I was dressed in a suit and tie and I had my Secret Service badge on, that they gave me.

RUSH: Oh, okay, okay.

CALLER: Okay, so I mean —

RUSH: She probably thought you were sworn to secrecy in privacy —

CALLER: Right, exactly. And, like I said, Secret Service guys would never talk to you like this.

RUSH: Any ashtrays, did she throw anything or was it just verbal?

CALLER: It was verbal. But it was very verbal, and —

RUSH: Who was it directed to, and why? What could possibly have happened to set her off?

CALLER: Well, what was going on at the time, Amy was at Stanford, and there was a stalker stalking Amy, and she was just —

RUSH: You mean Chelsea?

CALLER: Chelsea, I’m sorry.

RUSH: Amy is Amy Carter.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m sorry. I got the two confused here.

RUSH: Not hard to do.

CALLER: Anyway, yeah, she was at Stanford at the time, and she was being stalked, but that was a different group of Secret Service guys that were guarding her, and she was under, you know, very good protection. But she was just blowing her butt at these Secret Service guys, saying, is she protected, are they watching over her, and all this kind of stuff, but I mean there was other things, too, that entered into this stuff. She was awful. This was the old town hall meeting. As you know, Berkeley, I was probably one of a dozen conservative Republicans, okay?

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: UC Berkeley is completely liberal.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And they were —

RUSH: Of course you know what now, I gotta tell you something, though. There are more Republican students registered at Berkeley than there are communists and liberals and Democrats.

CALLER: When I was there, I want to tell you the truth, the kids that went there were more conservative than liberals. But they hand picked the liberals, of course, to be at the town hall meeting.

RUSH: Absolutely. Absolutely. Look, I appreciate this. I’ve gotta run because we have a hard break, broadcast lingo, which means we can’t miss it.

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