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RUSH: They played almost the full monologue, at least two or three minutes of it, from the first hour of this program, and now they are discussing, Chris Matthews, ‘Why are we listening to Limbaugh?’ (laughing) The network is playing these sound bites of me. (laughing) It’s surreal. It is surreal. By the way, Bill Press, no intellectual giant, you might remember him from his Crossfire days. This is a guy could make Michael Kinsley look like a real man. Bill Press has posted a reaction to this McCain business. I don’t know what the date of this is, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the New York Times story. I didn’t find this myself. Somebody sent this to me. ‘To all my friends, Democrats and Independents, who have told me they’d consider voting for John McCain in November, I have only two words. PLEASE DON’T. For the sake of God, country and Mother Theresa, wise up. Now that it’s clear he’s going to be the Republican nominee for president, it’s time to end our love affair with John McCain.’ Remember, ‘to all my friends, Democrats, and independents.’ That’s who this letter is addressed.

‘Don’t feel badly if you were once a ‘McCainiac.’ So was I. We all fell in love with the maverick McCain back in 2000, when he beat the pants off George Bush in New Hampshire. But the McCain of 2000 is not the same McCain we see today. That McCain doesn’t exist anymore. Yes, McCain’s a likable guy. He’s still an American hero. No one can ever take that away from him. He still has a refreshing, self-deprecating sense of humor. And he was once willing to tell leaders of his own party to go pound sand.’ Right. (laughing) But they never loved him. This little Bill Press piece is proving my point. ‘But, unfortunately, in order to secure his party’s nomination, McCain tossed his independence out the window. He’s no longer a maverick. Before our very eyes, the once-moderate McCain has morphed into an extreme right-winger. McCain’s changed his tune on so many issues, he should change the name of his bus from The Straight Talk Express to the Double-Talk Express. There’s not one major issue the new McCain has not been on both sides of. … Even on his signature issues McCain’s all over the place.’ And he talks about immigration reform and so forth and so on. Well, I mean Bill Press is Bill Press, but Bill Press is in the Drive-Bys, he’s a liberal and he’s one of these guys that used to have one of these love affairs with McCain. All of this is just utterly, utterly, utterly predictable, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll tell you, these unrequited love affairs, when they go bad, they just —

(playing of McCain spoof)

You know the title of tune here, Lou Rawls? You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine. Absolutely right.

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