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Rush’s Morning Update: Health Alert!
February 22, 2008

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Hey, folks –important new study (and I love important new studies, and there’s one out there) has been published in the journal “Psycho Med” — uh,”Psychosomatic Medicine.” The research shows that older adults who are both hostile and depressed might be at greater risk of having cardiovascular disease. (“Heart disease”, for those of you in Rio Linda.) The study compared over 300 men and women between 50 and 70,and found those who exhibited higher levels of hostility and depression had increased “risk markers.”

Now, these findings have troubling ramifications that only I,your highly trained broadcast specialist,can put into context for you. This study represents a vital health alert for you Democrats– particularly you older ones.

Democrats live with latent,overt hostility and depression every day — that’s how they get up. Their very existence could be called a “hostile life environment.” They’re hostile to the rich — anybody who makes more money than they do; they’re hostile to business. They’re hostile to Wal-Mart. When it comes to prosecuting the war on terror, they’re hostile.Theyespecially hate George W. Bush. They despise evangelicals and conservatives;they’re depressed about damn near everything! They’re always gloomy about the economy, health care, Social Security, school lunches, the environment –they think global warming will kill us all off, any minute.

And hardest hit, of course,is Hillary Clinton. Now, according to polls, older Democrats are the only ones who haven’t thrown her under thebus. Now we learn those older, hostile, depressed Democrats are at greater risk of having cardios –and we don’t even have national health care yet.

Her voters may die. Adios, folks.

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