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RUSH: Let’s move on to the Democrats. ‘The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader and two-time presidential candidate, warned Wednesday that Democrats ‘could hurt themselves substantially, perhaps irreparably, in November’ if fallout from the clash between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is not addressed quickly. Jackson, who has endorsed Obama, but who maintains good relations with both Hillary and Bill Clinton, listed three rifts among Democrats that could allow Republicans to win in the general election.’ Said the Rev. Jackson, ‘First, we must not allow people to exacerbate black-Hispanic tensions. I think the differences there are exaggerated. You just can’t characterize things as Hispanics for Hillary and blacks for Obama.’ Jackson’s second warning came over the use of superdelegates. He said that, ‘If the superdelegates are substantially out of line with the popular vote, it could very damaging. There must be some reasonable relationship. The two sides must be able to embrace fervently in Denver and heal campaign wounds.’

So the Reverend Jackson is very much concerned over what lies in store for the Democrat Party. You know what he’s really talking about when he talks about the black-Hispanic riff and when he talks about the superdelegates? He’s speaking in code here because he’s gotta be very, very careful with the Clintons because it’s the Clintons who maintained the Reverend Jackson’s seat at the Democrat power table. What he’s really saying is here, ‘Clintons, you gotta stop the race war. You have to stop this Uncivil War, and you gotta stop threatening to blow up the convention with the superdelegates.’ He doesn’t put it in those terms obviously, but that’s exactly what he’s trying to say, because everybody knows if the Clintons go to the mattresses on this, they will blow the place up down there in Denver in order to secure the nomination. I have to tell you, folks, when you look at the Democrat side of this, I have so enjoyed these months of Hillary Clinton angst. I cannot tell you. I didn’t see it coming. As you know, a year ago — actually, I think it was April last year when I was — not quite a year ago, but it was April last year when I first came to you behind this Golden EIB Microphone and predicted and said to you that, as we sit here today, there’s an 80% that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States.

So all of this angst and the falling apart of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign was unforeseen, but I have enjoyed it. It looks to me like right now that Hillary is left with so little to fight with. She’s tried to cast Obama as this charismatic, sweet talking guy without any achievement. All that does is highlight her own lack of charisma. It highlights her own shrill speaking manner. It highlights that she hasn’t had any achievement, either. She keeps talking about 35 years, she’s been working, she’s been fighting, for 35 years. Do you understand, 35 years ago is when she graduated from Yale. So what she wants us to believe is that everything that she’s done since she got out of college has been presidential in nature. The problem with all this 35 year stuff is that she can’t go back and say she did anything. She’s been fighting, ostensibly, but she hasn’t accomplished anything, and she and her husband ran the country, were in the White House for eight years.

Now, I’m the one. I asked this question over and over again. What has she ever accomplished on her own? What? What is it that recommends her to even be qualified, or seen as qualified, to be presidential? You could ask the same thing about Obama, and the answer to both people is zilch. Every single thing that she has done on her own, when she is responsible for it — health care, the travel office, her presidential campaign, Paula Jones — it’s been a disaster. The woman cannot do anything right. She just can’t do anything right. She has embarrassingly ridden the coattails of her husband her entire life, serving as his alter ego, his hatchet man, his enforcer. It looks to me like that Democrats are finally coming to the realization that we came to 20 years ago, and that is that she’s empty, vapid — vapid as Barack Obama is, just less likable. I just have to admit, it’s fun to see, and I’m going through all these Drive-By Media stories about her campaign, and they focus on Mark Penn, they focus on Howard Wolfson. Everybody in the Drive-Bys focusing on everybody but her, when talking, ‘What is the problem, what is the problem with the Hillary camp?’ ‘It’s the message, change their message every day.’ They never ask, or they never explore in the Drive-Bys whether the problem in the Hillary campaign might actually be the candidate. Sort of like you talk about baseball players and owners. How many of you go to a ball game to watch the owner sit in his owner’s box? How many of you support a candidate because of the masterminds you never see behind the scenes orchestrating the campaign? You vote for the candidate, or you don’t vote for the candidate. And yet the people analyzing what’s wrong with her campaign can’t seem to point the finger at her as a likely source of the problem.

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