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RUSH: This is Garrett, Medford Lakes, New Jersey, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Pleasure, Rush. Really an honor. My comment was in regards to the timing of the New York Times releasing this report. I feel like we’re missing the obvious, that McCain finally had a good argument against Obama in that Mrs. Obama stated the stupidest, the most unpatriotic thing you could possibly say, and that she’s been ashamed of her country up until the point where she might be first lady. And this is just their way of taking them off guard and getting him off of the offensive.

RUSH: Yeah, all kinds of theories on this today. I’ll give you another theory. Because there are as many theories as there are people who want to concoct them. How about this. How about the New York Times ran the story now because they have an eight-year history of sucking up to McCain and promoting McCain. McCain’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why couldn’t all Republicans be like McCain? If they wait and run a story like this mere weeks before the election, they might have some credibility problems. If they run the story now, say, ‘Look what we just learned about the guy we were fooled by,’ now they’ve got time for the story to settle in if there are any follow-ups, for it to be more effective in derailing the McCain candidacy, if that’s what the objective of the Times piece is. I don’t think it has anything to do with Michelle Obama, although it has taken all the other political news off the table. Speaking of Michelle Obama, I think CNN has assigned a reporter to the Rush Limbaugh beat. This info babe they have over there, Carol Costello, does these reports on me and what happens on this program, and she filed another one on The Situation Room. This in regards to the way we treated Michelle Obama’s comments at RushLimbaugh.com. This is a montage of her report about me and Michelle Obama.

COSTELLO: The patriotism card was played against Democrats brilliantly after 9/11, and as Democrats called for our troops to leave Iraq, and it seems, Wolf, it’s about to be played out again.

MICHELLE OBAMA: For the first time I’m really proud of my country.

COSTELLO: It didn’t take long for conservative talkers to pick up on that. Rush Limbaugh’s website shouted: Michelle Obama Slams America. And after taking it on the chin for a few days, Michelle Obama clarified her comments just a few hours ago in Rhode Island. Listen to what she had to say, Wolf.

MICHELLE OBAMA: You don’t run for president of the United States and put yourself and your family through this if you don’t feel some level of deep pride and possibility for your country.

COSTELLO: That’s right, she said she is proud of America, Wolf. It just didn’t come out quite the way she wanted it to.

RUSH: Yeah, just didn’t come out the right way. Of course, they can’t prove anything at the New York Times about these allegations of McCain, but they still run with it anyway. (interruption) I have no clue. Snerdley wants to know what the hell was the setup about 9/11. You’re asking irrelevant questions. We’re talking about CNN. If you want to waste time trying to explain why they do what they do, go ahead. I’m entertained enough by airing this stuff. Carol Costello, the Rush Limbaugh beat reporter at CNN.

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