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RUSH: To Miami. This is Laura. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hi.


CALLER: First I want to say, I’m a Democrat, so don’t hang up.

RUSH: I’m not surprised. You’re in Miami.

CALLER: I think the Obama camp pushed this story to take the heat off of them.

RUSH: But the Times endorsed Hillary. The Times did this.

CALLER: I know —

RUSH: You think the Obama camp pushed this story out?


RUSH: Okay. Fine.

CALLER: I do. Take the heat off of them.

RUSH: There’s no heat on them, I hate to tell you, but —

CALLER: I wish there was more. That’s like the media darling. They need to turn on him. They’ve put Hillary through the wringer, but this guy is like protected.

RUSH: Yeah, why is that?

CALLER: I have no idea.

RUSH: Oh, come on. Yes, you do.

CALLER: I think he offers — for me, he offers change with uncertainty, you know. I wouldn’t vote for him. I’m a liberal Democrat. Could you imagine all the Republicans that are losing their seats, they’re resigning, the Democrats take over Congress, the House, and you have the most liberal — I think there needs to be a balance. I think that’s pretty scary, and if you all don’t back McCain —

RUSH: Wait a second here. I’m coming down with the flu, I think. You have to bear with me. I need to go back, I need to ask you a question. You said you’re a liberal Democrat.


RUSH: But you’re concerned that so many Republicans are quitting Congress and too many liberal Democrats are replacing them?

CALLER: They probably will, yeah.

RUSH: And there’s going to too many liberal Democrats just like you —

CALLER: I think if you have an Obama in the White House with the power to do all this change he says he wants to do —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I mean, what kind of change is that, that’s uncertainty.

RUSH: But you’re a liberal Democrat, so is he.

CALLER: But I think there needs to be balance.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. If I had my way, there would be a conservative Republican president, there would be 300 members of the House of Representatives that are conservative, and there would be ten members of the Senate that were liberal Democrat. I want to keep enough of them around so we never, ever, forget who they are, but I want them to have zero power. They screw up things. They are on the wrong side of history. They are on the wrong side of this country. They’re trying to destroy it as it exists, rebuild it in their own image, and it’s horrible. But I would think that you as a liberal Democrat would want as many of your compatriots —

CALLER: Not with —

RUSH: — in positions of power so you get done what you want to get done.

CALLER: Not with Obama. That’s uncertainty. What kind of change is that? I want change with predictability, not with uncertainty.

RUSH: Well, you want predictability? He’s a liberal Democrat. All this smoke and mirrors stuff right now —

CALLER: It’s like American Idol. That’s what it looks like to me. I won’t vote for him.

RUSH: Look, I appreciate your understanding what’s happening here. But beyond all this flowery — in fact, you know what? I’m going to —

CALLER: Why don’t you all back McCain and stop this guy? It’s like crazy.

RUSH: Aaaa, ha. A liberal Democrat. I get it now. Liberal Democrat from Miami calls here toward the end of the program, ‘Why don’t you guys support McCain to stop Obama?’ What about Hillary, you don’t like her, either?

CALLER: I would rather have her than Obama, yeah.

RUSH: Do you even know what Obama stands for?

CALLER: He doesn’t.

RUSH: Yes, he does.

CALLER: Well, I know what he stands for —

RUSH: He wants you to have health care. He wants you to have a job. He wants you to have no taxes. He wants everything Hillary wants.

CALLER: I just think they threw this story out. That’s what I think.

RUSH: You think they threw the story out to stop her?

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: Here’s what I was going to tell you. Debbie Schlussel has posted on her website today — we’ve linked to it at RushLimbaugh.com — there is a YouTube video that somebody, really crafty, put together, and it is sort of scary, striking, but once again this hits at the lack of authenticity of Obama. There are lines that Obama is using that are almost verbatim from Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X. I mean, there are countless other — yes. I kid you not.

CALLER: I know. I believe it. I don’t know where he’s inspiring. He doesn’t inspire me. I listen to him saying he’s going to put the — his talks on C-SPAN and we, the American people, is he going to ask us before he signs a bill? I mean, come on —


CALLER: — like full of —

RUSH: Can I ask you a question, Laura? Are you by chance of Cuban dissent?


RUSH: You’re not. Okay.

CALLER: I am not.

RUSH: Well, that’s okay, too. Nothing wrong with that. I was just curious. I’m still puzzled you’re a liberal Democrat, you want McCain to be elected to stop liberal Democrats.

CALLER: Not to stop ’em, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to take over the House and the Congress. I wouldn’t want Obama with all the power —

RUSH: For crying out loud, that doesn’t make any sense. You should want them to take over Congress. I’m going to tell you, if they do, in as great a majority as you seem to think, it’s going to be their agenda that advances, no matter who the president is. I mean, it’s fascinating to talk to people. This is the first liberal Democrat I have talked to who doesn’t want her side to get too powerful.

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