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“Obama’s media guy, David Axelrod, is the puppet master. He presses a button on his computer, an old speech pops out, and he hands it to his clients.”

“According to the Wisconsin exit poll data, Hillary Clinton did do well with one group: the second generation transgender amputees.”

“Mrs. Clinton, you and your husband were in the White House for eight years, and right now you are complaining about the same things that you complained about in 1992 –meaning your husbanddidn’t do anything. So, Mrs. Clinton, what did you do?”

“I think it will be pretty clear that we’re going to have a hard-core, radical leftist in Barack Obama — who is even more brazen in his views than George McGovern.”

“This is the greatest country in the history of civilization. Our economy at its worst is the best in the world. And at our worst, when we’re in a dip, there is still more opportunity and prosperity here than anywhere else in the world.”

“Obama never worked in the private sector, and it shows. And I, for one, do not want a nave fool with zilch experience managing the United States economy.”

“Obama wants to manage CEO wages. He wants socialized medicine, to expand unions — all of this stuff is Marxism when you boil it all down. These are all old, regressive ideas that have failed, and Obama is a young, nave man who holds tight to them.”

“We consider ourselves stewards of one of the oldest democracies in the world. Is this all it takes to undermine it: a bunch of pap, a bunch of meaningless, nothing platitudes from Barack Obama?”

“Hillary and Obama represent the political enemy here, yet somehow I have become it, along with several of my colleagues in talk radio. But that’s misplaced energy; attacking me is not going to win anybody any votes.”

“I’ve been telling you people for 19 1/2 years: Let them have a recession — just don’t you participate.”

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