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Rush’s Morning Update: Windfall!
February 21, 2008

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Hey, folks –put aside all that talk about a “looming recession.” Our economyhas tobe chugging along better than the so-called experts say,and, asLanny Davis used to say,”I’ve got the poof.”

Last year, even with gas prices soaring, subprime mortgages tanking, [and] ATM fees at all-time highs,donations to colleges soared to $30 billion –that’s a new record. This news comes from an annual survey released by the Council for Aid to Education.

But there’s a catch, however, my friends. Sadly, it was the “rich” who lucked out. Wealthy skrools– including the Ivy League giants– attracted gi-normous donations,like Stanford University, [which] raised over $800 million. Harvard?Over $600 million.

Now, if theDemocrats in Congress and on the campaign trail were consistent, given their view of other industries, they would call for an immediate end to all tax breaks for “rich” universities. They’d demand the greedy universities pay a windfall profit tax! Hillary would be threatening to “take” their profits, to spend elsewhere. Democrats would propose an economic stimulus package for poor collegespaid for by the rich ones, and we’d have congressional investigations up the wazoo. If Democrats were consistent, they’d pull out all the stops to end the wealthy colleges’ “gouging” of the poor students and parentswho face higher tuition fees each year — whileacademe racks up billions.

But, of course,Big Education is a liberal “Big Business,” so it’s perfectly fine that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer… and you pay for it. It’s liberal business as usual.

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