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RUSH: Erin in Martinsburg, West Virginia, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: First-time caller and a true Rush Baby. I’ve been listening to you since ’89 —

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: — with my mom. Quick shout out to my husband, Brian, who also listens to you every day. My point is, in history, when you take history courses, they talk about the law of history and how it will repeat itself if we don’t change it, if we don’t take measures to change it. And I was thinking about the historical fact that black men had the right to vote before women did. They had political rights before we could. So if Hillary doesn’t steal this election, the nomination, it would pretty much be like history repeating itself. Black man would receive something political before a woman.

RUSH: Yeah, I had never really thought of that. But it is history repeating itself. How do you feel about women being granted the right to vote?

CALLER: You know, I think that we fought for something that we wanted, and we got it. I’m not a feminist, but I do appreciate the fact that I can vote, and I do vote every time I get the chance to.

RUSH: Yeah, well, that’s great. I really haven’t thought about this. Black men had the right to vote before women did. A black president before a female president. So again we’re going to get abused women.

CALLER: Oh, my. The heart of America. Oh.

RUSH: (laughing.)

CALLER: I’m sorry. I’ve been cracking up listening on the phone for like the last two hours. I’ve just been laughing.

RUSH: I know. We’ve been off the reservation for most of this program today. (laughing) What did you think of my Obama speech?

CALLER: Well, I — I — great delivery, but what was the point? You said you made your point, but what was —

RUSH: The point was, it said nothing!

CALLER: Okay. Then I didn’t miss the point. I thought I missed the point.

RUSH: If you were asking, ‘What did he say?’ then it was a great Obama speech.

CALLER: I applaud you.

RUSH: Well, I applaud you, too, because that is an interesting historical perspective, that black men had the right to vote before women did in this country.

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