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Rush’s Morning Update: Wonk!
February 19, 2008

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You know, folks, when campaigns flounder, expect one thing from policy wonks:more wonkery. We’ve got it; the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton has issued a 13-page economic manifesto,which is really a blueprint for destroying prosperity.

She’s going to deliver budget-busting socialized medicine. She will freeze home foreclosures — that will kill any chance of housing market rebounding. And she’ll create “new infrastructure” projects, like building new roads and bridges. [It’s the] FDR model: taxpayer-funded Big Government “make-work” jobs.

Her enemies would pay dearly. Mrs. Clinton would “take back” $55 billion from industries thatshe doesn’t like– Big Oil, Big Pharma –and companies that “outsource.” That’s the Hugo-Chavez-commie-thug-dictator model.

It’s also economic drivel. An incident on the campaign trail proves my point. A little girl told Mrs. Clinton that she and her mom– a hairdresser– were going to lose their homebecause their mortgage payments had jumped by $400 a month. So Mrs. Clinton brought them up onstage, put her arm around them, and blamed unscrupulous mortgages brokers for their problems. And… that was that.

Hillary and Bill Clintonhave spent years reminding us they’re so rich they don’t “need” tax cuts. A lousy five grand would have fixed this little girl’s problem for a year! Did Hillary pull out her checkbook and offer to help? No way! Mrs. Clinton put her arm around her, had a photo-op, then kicked her to the curb to wait for the government, and hope for change.

That’s a wonk, folks–not a leader. But, you knew that.

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