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“My question is: How many speeches that say absolutely nothing can there be to plagiarize?”

“By the way, Mrs. Clinton, you could start tipping the waitresses at the diners in Iowa. The waitresses, I’m sure, would appreciate a dime or a quarter if it came from you personally, rather than being told that they’re wrong when they report that they did not get a tip.”

“This is sort of lame of Mrs. Clinton to go after this kind of plagiarism. We expect better from her: kneecapping, personal smears, leaks of FBI file information… you know, knife-in-the-gut kind of stuff.”

“I just got a note here from H.R.; he says that there’s going to be a special on DNCTV tonight devoted to the issue of Obama plagiarizing. Joe Biden and Mike Barnicle will host with Doris Kearns Goodwin making a special appearance.”

“The Clintons will wreck the party first to get the nomination, and then wreck the country to get the presidency. I mean, I’m exaggerating a bit here, but I’m trying to make a point.”

“If 70% of the electorate believes in global warming and you want to get reelected, you have to act like you believe it, too. But that’s not leadership — it’s pandering.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s been saying she’ll ‘work tirelessly’, right? She said that to New Yorkers when she ran for the Senate. Well, if running around the country losing primaries is working hard for New York, then we have lost the meaning of words.”

“I want to talk about Hillary’s 13-page manifesto that you referred to here, Art, and your speculation that she’s either stupid, dumb, or lying. I don’t think we can take the chance on any of those — she’s a socialist liberal.”

“‘I’m going to raise taxes on the rich and I’m going to make you feel better that the rich are paying more in taxes.’ ‘Mrs. Clinton, is it going to help me?’ ‘Well, no, but you’re going to feel better because you want to hate these people.'”

“I’m only on three hours a day, and that’s a problem that affects real lives. If I were on longer, you would have less to be undecided about.”


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