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RUSH: Peggy in Fort Pierce, Florida, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Rush —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — just what you said before, it’s a theory I’ve had for a long time. I think Hillary is a Mafia wife. If you saw the Married to the Mob movie, it was those gals that pretended they didn’t know how their husbands gave them the money, or got the money for their perks. Now, I feel Hillary is the same thing. I think Tim Russert is way off saying, you know, she wasn’t aware, everybody feels so badly for her —

RUSH: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa — Russert said she wasn’t aware of what?

CALLER: That she was not aware that he was that much of a cheese or that he was cheating on her, or as she said, he’s never going to do it again. This gal doesn’t care. This gal has a nuptial agreement, never mind a prenup. She is going to go for the perks just like, God forgive me, the Kennedy women did. It’s you just turn a blind eye, you turn your head, your husband’s cheating, but you’re getting power, money, notoriety. It’s like selling your soul.

RUSH: You know, I can’t argue with that. That is a pretty good analogy.


RUSH: I’ll tell you why I like it, too. I like it because it’s coming from you, a woman.


RUSH: See, if I had said that, a lot of women who might be predisposed to agree with me would still have gotten angry because I was sounding like I was speaking disrespectfully, but you can say that, and it has power because it connects. I’m glad that you called. I had never consciously looked at it that way. Because you’re absolutely right, there’s no way she doesn’t know what he’s been doing —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — for all of these years.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: She’s exacted a price for it.

CALLER: Yes, she has, and she’s going to exact a bigger price if she gets in any position to. She’s going to buy his silence. Omerta.

RUSH: Well, all right, now, let me ask you this. Continuing here with the Mafia analogy.


RUSH: Don Clintonleone.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It is now his wife who seeks to run the mob.


RUSH: What if she loses? What if she loses? Don Clintonleone is of no more value to her.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: He is only a liability. And, of course, Don Clintonleone will see her as a liability, because you can’t get back where he wants, the White House, without her getting there. What, then, happens to this famous mob couple?

CALLER: I wonder if they would have the guts to shed themselves of each other, because I think they’re just hanging on to each other for what they can get out of it.

RUSH: Well, this is —

CALLER: There’s no love there. I don’t know if there ever was. But even if there was, as I said, she sold out a long time. She sold out on women. That’s why I can’t understand why more women don’t see that. Women are smart.

RUSH: A lot do. A lot do.


RUSH: It’s the dumb women that don’t. It’s the smart women moving over to Obama. Can I ask you another question as a woman?

CALLER: Well, just when you say that, too, just what you said before, I thought I’d like to switch from this business of Mafia wife and go to Obama because then when you went to Susan Sarandon and, you know, about Obama and everything else, I kept thinking to myself, they’re talking about hope, but you see I’m a right-to-lifer, and what hope is there, then, for the unborn if either one of them had any say?

RUSH: None.


RUSH: There is no hope.


RUSH: And, see, real women would want hope for the unborn, and real men.

RUSH: That’s true.


RUSH: I need to ask you another question. As a woman, I’m asking you as a woman.


RUSH: I want you to tell me if I’m off base on this.

CALLER: Go right ahead.

RUSH: We have been told, the image since I guess 1992, the image of Bill Clinton is that every woman in the world wants the guy and that when every woman in the world meets the guy, they are paralyzed with admiration, desire, they are dazzled, we are told about those big hands, we’re told about those eyes that make you think you are the only person he’s thinking about when he’s talking to you, that you are immediately left a quivering mass of desirous Jell-O. Now, in that case, do you know any women who are jealous of Hillary because she has him and they don’t?

CALLER: Well, I’m coming from an advanced age. I’m what they call a BIC. That meant, years ago, a Bronx Irish Catholic. In other words, we didn’t put out until we got married, and we had —

RUSH: Believe me, there are still plenty of you.

CALLER: You know what, there are plenty of us, and maybe they’ll come out of the closet more and everybody will be a little bit more for chastity and purity and marriage and the unborn. So, as I said, I’m coming from an advanced age —

RUSH: I understand that, but your advanced age is what gives you wisdom here. You don’t have to excuse it.

CALLER: No. No. I won’t. I’m actually happy that I’m still around. But no, I think most people, most thinking people my age or whatever feel that she does not signify — you’re going to go back to Bill Clinton as far as his appeal. That’s another thing, too, I think from my background, we can spot a phony a mile away.

RUSH: So you think that’s an image that’s overblown, been cultivated, that he really doesn’t have that appeal to all that many women?

CALLER: Not women my age, of course. I can appreciate a handsome man, of course. But I think, too, that —

RUSH: I know, but we’re talking about Bill Clinton. Let’s stay on subject.

CALLER: No, I think it’s because he’s a phony, and but more than a phony, his character stinks.

RUSH: Yeah, but, you know, the women always like the raconteurs. They like the ne’er-do-wells. They like the guys taking the motorcycle off the cliff and living to talk about it. They like the guys that our parents despised.

CALLER: You know what happens, then, as my mother used to say, then they pick a lemon in the garden of love.

RUSH: Pick a lemon in a garden of love. (laughing)

CALLER: And it winds up in the divorce courts.

RUSH: You are a piece of work. Well, I just — look, I’ve wondered why, with all of this talk about how irresistible Bill Clinton is, no women seem to be jealous of Hillary.

CALLER: Oh, no. Oh, no. Why would you want your heart broken? You wouldn’t stick around. Any woman worth her salt would not stick around.

RUSH: No, I mean there are a lot of women jealous of Jackie Onassis, they wished they were her, because she was close to Jack, she had whatever she had. In addition to her own attributes, she was there, she was in Camelot. Women that wanted her husband were jealous of her because she had him. I don’t know any women jealous of Hillary because she’s got Bill.

CALLER: Well, you see, there again, as I said, the Kennedys, God help them, but Jackie also was a Mafia wife. She knew what Jack was, too, and she sold out. I mean, I always remember her as the president’s wife standing there with her little boy on the corner when the hearse passed by. My mother used to say, ‘No matter what you think of her, there she is,’ and that’s true, but I always felt that she let us down, too, because Jack — you see that made me laugh, too, as a Catholic because my dad used to say, ‘Remember, Jack Kennedy is a roaming Catholic, not a Roman Catholic.’

RUSH: (laughing) You have characterized yourself as a seasoned citizen.


RUSH: This is one of my Undeniable Truths of Life that I wrote back in 1987. I’ll paraphrase it. One of the single greatest advantages young people have is access to people much older because of what you’ve seen, what you’ve learned, and the wisdom you can impart, and you are illustrating that today. Plus, it is obvious to all of us listening, you have impeccable taste and character. You are refined. You are a class act.

CALLER: Well, I have impeccable taste in men, because I married a New York City fire lieutenant.

RUSH: New York City fire lieutenant. Oh!


RUSH: One of the bravest.

CALLER: One of the bravest, and my two sons, well, they were hurt on 9/11, but as I said, I come from a good background, a good family.

RUSH: It’s obvious.

CALLER: Very proud of them.

RUSH: Well, you should be. And I’m proud you’re in the audience down in Fort Pierce, Florida.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: While you’re warm and toasty, I’m up here freezing the buns.

CALLER: I know. But you’ll be back soon to enjoy your beautiful home.

RUSH: In about, what is it, 24 hours.

CALLER: Good for you.

RUSH: Thanks very much. Great to hear from you, Peggy, thanks a lot.

CALLER: It’s good to speak to you. I thought so much of you. I do think so much of you.

RUSH: Thank you. Same here and have a wonderful weekend.

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