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“Obama is not inspiring people to believe in themselves; he’s inspiring people to believe in him, and that’s a significant distinction.””I did a little Q&A interview today with Jay Carney at TIME Magazine, and I’m talking to the New York Times today. I may even talk to the New York Times Magazine next week! Just call me McCain today: I’m reaching across the aisle.”

“Chris Matthews felt a thrill go up his leg when Obama spoke? Which way did it go on the leg? Up or down?”

“That last call was so obviously a plant; he said he learned a lot and was inspired by Reagan in high school. My friends, name for me a high school anywhere in this country that, A, teaches anything about Reagan, and B, teaches anything good about Reagan.”

“Fast Eddie Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania. Actually, it’s Eddie ‘Don’t Call Me Fast Eddie’ Fast Eddie Rendell.”

“Hats off to Senator Obama: He showed up for the FISA bill and voted against it. In so doing, he demonstrated that he is not fit to lead this country as commander-in-chief. But at least he showed up and told the country he’s incompetent.”

“Partisanship is fabulous. Partisanship is driven by principle and devotion to ideals. Bipartisanship is only heralded as something wonderful because liberals win when there’s bipartisanship.”

“There’s all kinds of Apple-Mac blogs, and they hate the fact that I’m a Mac guy. One guy wrote on a blog: ‘May you see the spinning beach ball of death for the rest of your life.'”

“Barack Obama makes my leg tingle when I hear him speak. Barack Obama will end the designated hitter rule. Barack Obama will establish a college football playoff once and for all so we will genuinely have a champion. Barack Obama will offer free beer on Fridays.”

“To paraphrase Bill Clinton, no hearing on steroids in baseball ever fed a hungry child.”


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