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A new invention in England has created a buzz –literally. It’s a device called the “Mosquito,” which emits a high-frequency noise that teenagers find annoying. People over 20 are immune– they can’t hear the high-frequency sound. Shopkeepers have been using the Mosquito to keep teens from congregating around their establishments. An efficient solution; no harm done; no loitering rowdy teens.

Now, enter the liberals. Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights group Liberty, complains: “Imagine the outcry if a device was introduced that caused blanket discomfort to people of one race or gender– rather than our kids. The Mosquito has no place in a country that values its children and seeks to instill them with dignity and respect.” Well, how’s this for respect, Shami: These “kids” ought to stop disrupting businesses!

England’s Commissioner for Children, Al Aynsley-Green, told the BBC that the Mosquito “is a powerful symptom of what I call the malaise at the heart of our society. I’m very concerned about what I see to be an emerging gap between the young and the old, the fears, the intolerance, even the hatred, of the older generation toward the young.” He called the Mosquito a “quick fix”; it doesn’t solve the “root cause” of the problem, though –youth supposedly have nowhere else to go.

Yeah.No matter the country, it’s the same liberal poppycock! I’m sure the only question many Americans have is: Where can we buy one of these things? I’d love to have one of these Mosquitos, frankly, folks! Where can we get one?

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