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RUSH: Liz in Collinsville, Illinois, welcome to the program.


RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: It’s nice to speak with you. I’m a great fan.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hillary will divorce Bill, and here’s my reason. He needed her early on when they were in Arkansas and she needed him for a number of years. If she gets the presidency — and I don’t think she will, but if she did — she no longer needs him. I think she’ll toss him aside. In fact, I’m sure she will. It may be a problem, but she’ll do it.

RUSH: I’ll tell you a little story here.


RUSH: This was back in ’93 or ’94. I was asked to dinner. This is when I lived full time in New York. I was asked to dinner by a well-known media figure and publisher in this town, who I will not identify. It doesn’t matter.


RUSH: He took me to dinner, ostensibly offer me a position writing for one of his publications, and then told me, ‘I’m going to tell you a little secret. She’s divorcing him. She can’t deal with this stuff.’ This might have been ’96, I’m not sure, but they said, ‘she’ meaning Hillary. ‘They’re going to get divorced. I don’t see how after this ’96 election,’ and I thought, ‘Ah. I’m being set up.’ This is being said so I go to the radio tomorrow, and say, ‘Folks! Folks! Guess what I heard last night?’ and publicly humiliate myself with the Clintons coming out and saying, ‘There’s Limbaugh again, all irresponsible.’ I don’t see them divorcing. They’re nothing without each other. She’s nothing without his last name. Don’t forget, it was Chris Matthews who said she’s only qualified because she’s been cheated on. Maureen Dowd says almost the same thing. Now, of course, that’s DNCTV. So the Clintons made Matthews apologize. His testicles are in a lockbox, but she’s the most cheated on woman in the world. There’s no question about it. But whether they get divorced? But that may be the only way she could assure that there will be no Bill scandals in the future.

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