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RUSH: This is Crystal in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hi, Crystal, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you here.CALLER: Hi, Rush, I’ve been listening to you for years even though I’m a Democrat. I watched you on TV way back. I like to believe — I watch Fox — I try to get all sides. What I don’t understand is, why are the white men hating Hillary? If anything, I think that they should side with her. I mean she stayed faithful and loyal by her man. And why all the negative to Hillary from your program and not Obama? It seems to me that everybody is afraid to say anything about Obama. I mean, what stance does he really have?RUSH: Now, I just —

CALLER: He has —

CALLER: Yeah. I agree.

RUSH: Did you hear that, as…? I take that back. ‘Ignorant.’


RUSH: He’s dangerously ignorant on the Constitution and the role of the executive, based on an interview he did with the Boston Globe last month. But I offer that just to show we’re equal opportunity here. But to answer your question, one of the real reasons that people aren’t going to attack Obama is because he’s black and nobody wants to be accused of being racist.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He’s going to have a free ride, and it’s why Mrs. Clinton is playing kid gloves here. She’s starting to get a little more strident. She’s starting to say that he says nothing when he speaks and says it pretty well, but in terms of being really critical, nobody is going to go there.

RUSH: Well, who do you think will win between them? Because I live in Pennsylvania. Do you think it will come down to Pennsylvania and Texas?

RUSH: You’re going to think I’m being sarcastic or cynical here. I’m not. Regardless who wins, Hillary is going to be the nominee.

CALLER: Oh, God. I hope you’re right, because I do respect your opinion, and I think that you’re fair. I mean most of what you say I agree with, and I’m telling you right now: I will vote McCain if it’s Obama. I know you’re not a big McCain supporter, and I understand why: because you’re like me. You stand by your beliefs. I just truly, truly — and I agree with you with the race card, we’re all walking around with these gloves, we’re afraid to say it, but we can attack Hillary and Chelsea — and you’re right. Chelsea went out there. She’s 27 years old. Then Hillary shouldn’t expect people to go after her. I totally agree. But I would have thought, being a Democrat, that Bill would have helped, you know, and how the black voters are turning on them. Oh, my God.

RUSH: Well, Bill’s responsible for that.

CALLER: I agree. I agree.

RUSH: They purposely played the race card thinking it would revive white voters in later primaries after South Carolina. It did just the opposite. They really miscalculated on that. So I believe that most Democrats are the real — if you want to start throwing the racist label around, most racism today is actually on the Democrat side. Let’s say ‘liberals.’ Liberals will look at people and not see an individual. They’ll see a gender, they’ll see color of skin, and then they’ll automatically assign that person into a group, and then have a view of that person — usually as a victim — based on that. When you assign somebody a victim status, you’re basically saying they’re incompetent. You’re saying they’re incapable of overcoming the obstacles in life — and you come up with excuses for them to be victims, and that way you get their vote, but you have no respect for them. I think that’s the real secret here of where real racism lies. Now, let me get back to your first question about Mrs. Clinton. You wanted to know, why do white men hate her?


RUSH: And you think that men should be a little bit more understanding because, after all, she stuck with a philandering husband and so forth, and many men would appreciate that in their own wives?

CALLER: Uh, well, I don’t know if that’s true, but… (laughs) Well, yeah. I guess I do believe that’s true.

RUSH: Okay, I don’t think that there’s… There may be some people that hate Hillary. It’s more a combination of fear and loathing.


RUSH: But I’m not even going to speak for anybody else. Mrs. Clinton, to me, would be an absolute disaster policy wise.


RUSH: I think Mr. and Mrs. Clinton both would just as soon be rulers: people who reign, rather than in charge of Democratic institutions. But it is her policies. When I hear Mrs. Clinton say she’s going to ‘take’ ExxonMobil’s profits, I think she means it.

CALLER: Yeah. Uh-huh.

RUSH: I think she is a full-fledged, 100% socialist. She and her husband have stopped at nothing to destroy their opponents — not defeat them, but destroy them — all along their path. People look at Mrs. Clinton — look at a lot of people, she’s got 49% negatives or disapproval numbers; she’s not likable. People look at her, and they see a Nurse Ratched. They see somebody who is unfriendly, who seeks control; manipulative control over circumstances and situations. It’s not a… You know, the joke is that Hillary reminds you of not only your first ex-wife, but your second.


RUSH: That’s said just to try to express the contempt that people have, but most of it’s based on policy. Most of it’s not based on personality.

CALLER: Okay. Well, so you think it’s going to come down to these super delegates?

RUSH: See, okay, I’m glad you asked me that, because I said something that might have slipped by you earlier. You asked me who I thought was going to win. I said, ‘No matter who wins, Hillary is going to be the nominee.’


RUSH: Meaning: Obama could win it, but the Clintons are going to find a way to get this. It goes back to what I said yesterday. They want this. They need this more than anything in their lives! They have been planning on it, getting back to the White House. This is the Baby Boomers’ last chance; the left-wing, anti-war Baby Boomers’ last chance to get their arms around this country and bend it, shape it, as they want it. This is what she has lived for! This is what she put up with all those shenanigans from Bill all those years for. This is why she did it, and she’s not going to sit there and let some upstart take it away from her. So if she has to do something about the Michigan delegates and the Florida delegates, she will.

CALLER: I’m glad you brought that up.

RUSH: If she has to cause a civil riot, a civil war at the Democrat convention to get the nomination, she will do it.

CALLER: Well, I pray to God… I don’t want that, but do you think that Michigan and Florida’s votes should count?


CALLER: No. Because they broke the rules?

RUSH: Right. Right!

CALLER: See, I wanna think on that.

RUSH: Right. But not only that, Hillary was the only one on the ballot in Michigan. How can you do this without having a revolt? How can you…? You know, all the other candidates abided by the rules. She didn’t. She put her name on the ballot. Ditto Florida.


RUSH: But, see, this is my point. They’re going to make a play for Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated based on outcomes of the election even though they were not sanctioned and the delegates were not going to be seated as by DNC rules. But who controls the DNC? The Clinton machine runs that party. She’s the machine candidate. Super delegates, I don’t know if it will come down to that. But if it does, she has Chelsea out there lobbying them. You know damn well that they’re going to do whatever it takes. If there are riots at the Democrat convention, so be it. If that’s what it takes for these two to get this nomination and get back in the Oval Office, then they’ll do it. I mean, scorched earth? It doesn’t matter what it takes; they will destroy anybody and any institution to get this. It’s how badly they want it. Try to imagine yourself, Crystal. You’ve had a situation in your life that’s embarrassing and humiliating. It could be a husband. It could be a job, whatever, but you’ve sat there from when you left Yale and you went to Arkansas way back in the early eighties — almost 30 years ago, 35 years ago — and you have been eating it. You have been swallowing it. You have been looking the other way. You have been humiliated in public, I don’t know how many times. This is the payoff for it.


RUSH: This is why you did all that, and you are not going to be denied.

CALLER: Well, I appreciate you listening to me — and again, I’m a big fan of yours, believe it or not. I’m a die-hard Democrat, but… Well, I just want you to know I appreciate your time and your opinion.

RUSH: Thank you, Crystal. I’m glad you called. It’s nice to know that you’re out there.

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