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RUSH: I can’t believe you would say that. For those of you watching on the Dittocam today at RushLimbaugh.com, you’ve probably seen me pretty animated here during the break talking to the broadcast engineer and my trusty aide-de-camp and chief of staff, H.R. I didn’t want to bring this up. I hadn’t thought I was gonna bring it up. You know, I’m a big Mac guy. I love Macs, and I’ve got four Mac Pros. They’re the top-of-the-line Mac Pros, maxed out. And they just had a new system upgrade, went to 10.5 Leopard, and they’ve had two upgrades since October. Yesterday brought 10.5.2, which was loaded. It was a big, big update. I’ve been having two problems since I went to Leopard that I hoped this update would solve, and it didn’t solve them; and it’s frustrating. I’m telling these guys. I’ve worked patiently. I’ve been very patient with my Apple rep, with my developer rep, and they’re working hard on it, but nothing gets done! All use file reports and get lost in the Apple bureaucratic system — and occasionally a good-intentioned, good-hearted Apple rep will get on the phone, try to solve it, and will say, ‘Yep. It’s the same problem I’m having on my machine.’ They’re having the same problem at Apple that I’m having here, but it’s supposed to work.

So I’m asking these guys during the break, ‘Do you think I ought to put out a plea to Steve Jobs? I know he’s politically opposite of me, but just to say, ‘Mr. Jobs, please, I just ordered six brand-new Mac Pros: four for me and two as gifts; maxed out, Blu-ray drives. I’ve loaded ’em up. Our whole office here is Mac, and I just want it to work because I love them — and these two things that aren’t working would seem to me, as a novice, to be a simple fix, but they’re not.’ So I was telling these guys, ‘Do you think I ought to make an appeal, a direct appeal to Steve Jobs from behind the Golden EIB Microphone? ‘Mr. Jobs, please help me.’ I know we don’t agree on anything. You love Algore — and by the way, I’ve got no problem with him now, but can you put me to somebody that can get this going, because I know it’s gotta work for most people. What am I doing wrong?’ Maimone said, ‘You don’t understand it. Jobs has you tagged. He’s making sure your computers don’t work. If you put out this appeal to Steve Jobs and ask him to help, his reply is going to be, ‘Mr. Limbaugh. Do us a favor and endorse Windows.” (laughter)

It’s just like the McCain people: very happy I’m not endorsing them, because I would torpedo ’em if I did. You know, the reason I couldn’t believe you said to me that they’re tagging me is because — here we go again with high-tech stuff — DirecTV is only going to work with TiVo receivers for a limited time in the future because DirecTV has got their own DVRs, Digital Video Recorders like TiVos. Occasionally, I still have… I’m in the process of switching over at home to the DirecTV receivers. But I still have some that are not DirecTVs. They’re Sonys. Some are TiVo; some are not, and occasionally they go on the fritz. They just don’t work. One of my audio-video specialists says, ‘DirecTV is zapping you. They’re making sure you move to their HR20s or HR21s. They are purposely zapping all of these non…’

I said, ‘You’re a conspiracy kook! You think DirecTV is out there trying to find everybody that is not using one of their receivers and is zapping them, causing the need for a reset?’

‘I know it.’

Are you nodding in agreement in there, Krehley? We’ve got a couple in here. We’re going to have to switch out to these HR21s pretty soon. These are these old Sony HD300s. They’re fine machines. I love Sony, don’t misunderstand. But these have never been zapped. But these guys think we’re being zapped. So you think Jobs is tagging me computers to make sure they don’t work? And I’ve got an AV guy who thinks DirecTV is tagging my non-DirecTV receiver.

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