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Rush’s Morning Update: Straight Talk II
February 6, 2008

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Well, before Super Tuesday, Senator John McCain promised that as president he would “reach across the aisle and work together”… with Democrats –for “the good of the country.”

Now, this pledge underscores the problem conservatives have– not just with Senator McCain– but with Republicans they send to Washington. Some Republicans wrongly assume that getting along with liberal Democrats benefits the country. They reach loving hands across the aisle,and Democrats pull out their political knives; theystab the “get-along” Republicans in the back,[and] slice their outreached hands to shreds.

Bush’s “New Tone” has been met with the same old Democrat song;they’ve spent the last seven years gleefully carving up the president’s outstretched hand. Republicans “reach out” on immigration; they’re attacked as bigots. They try to fix bankrupt entitlements; they’re slammed for starving children, the elderly, and the poor. Even moves to defend this nation are attacked. Democrats use the war on terror to undermine Republicans,going so far as to echo terrorist talking points (or vice-versa).Democrats are unified in their mission: win at all costs –leave no Republican standing.

Democrats wake up everymorning planning to destroy Republicans. Some Republicans wake up wondering how they can get along with the Democrats whowant to destroy them. Instead of promising to reach out to liberals, we want our guys to reach out to conservativesand to help us defeat liberals –not join them as they fight usand hurt the country.

How ’bout that? That straight enough talk for you?

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