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Rush’s Morning Update: Dead
January 31, 2008

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Something ugly happened this week in California’s liberal-dominated legislature: Governor Schwarzenegger’s health-care overhaul–negotiated with Democrats,successfully passed the state assembly– could not muster enough votes to get out of a key Senate committee. No life support, folks; the thing isdead.

This was a breakthrough plan, at a discount price. Why, for a mere 15 billion dollars– a mere pittance– 70 percent of California’s uninsured population(over 5 million people)could have had instant free health care! Sure, government mandates would have increased; businesses, hospitals, and smokers would have faced higher taxes. ButCalifornia was in a position to once again lead the way,to show the rest of America how to deliver socialized medicine to the masses.

With so much at stake, with the dream so close to being realized, why — how— could liberal senators kill it? Democrat Sheila Kuehl, who headed the execution Committee, says: “It doesn’t matter if there are all these good things in the bill, if there’s not sufficient funding to pay for them.”

That’s it? That’s the excuse? No money? This bill, which would have given hope and free health care to millions, was killed over… money? Minorities and the poor are now going to be hardest hit– again– because a few heartless, mean-spirited, shortsighted California bimbo legislators don’t want to spend the money? When has that ever stopped them, folks?

This is humiliating! I don’t know how California legislators can ever show their faces in public again. (Actually, dirty little secret is, unlike the feds, the state can’t print money.)They’re cooked!

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