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RUSH: Will in the nation’s capital, in Washington, hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s good to be with you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir. You bet.

CALLER: I wanted to actually talk to you somewhat about some commentary you were just making. I guess being involved with a lot of College Republicans here at AU, being president. I went up to New Hampshire, talked to a lot of Senator McCain’s supporters and even people down here support him, even people like Senator Brownback — and the perception I get from them is they’re supporting him because they think he’s the best we can get, and I think that’s really a shortsighted viewpoint. Like you had just said, we know that there’s going to be a democratically controlled Senate in the next session and probably a Congress, too. So we know it’s in the self-interests of the Democrats to bring up immigration again, or even on judicial nominees. If we want to get a pro-life nominee through the Senate, we know that McCain is open to making serious compromises on that judge’s view on campaign finance reform, the environment, detainees. The list is endless on the kinds of compromises that we’d have to make to even move our agenda forward.

RUSH: Okay, let me stop you. Why? Tell me. You’ve just gone through the litany, and I stopped you about 30% of the way through it. You’ve got 70% of the list to go, but the people you talked about — the people voting in the primaries — why does none of that matter? You tell me what you think.

CALLER: I think that they are looking at a shortsighted viewpoint that puts winning an election and simply having a Republican in the White House, over actually moving our values forward. I don’t think they’re putting two and two together in that sense. I think they just view it as a best-we-can-get situation, which I don’t even think is true

RUSH: I think a lot of these people are not principled conservatives. They’re Republicans. They say they’re conservatives, but… And I agree with you, ‘electability’ is probably what’s putting them over the edge, but adding to that, do not underestimate the degree of Fear — with a capital F — and the degree of intense dislike people have for Hillary Clinton. There are a lot of people to whom beating her with anybody — I don’t care, whoever could do it. If Bozo the Clown could do it, they would support Bozo the Clown. There’s a cadre of that in our party that’s just scared to death of her. They are so angry with what happened in the eight years of Clinton, they don’t want it back. Anything — anything — to keep her out of the White House, and if they think McCain is the best guy to do that (and probably they do because the Drive-By Media loves him and people are still, I don’t care what you say, influenced by the Drive-By Media), and so it’s… By the way, do you know McCain’s out of money? Relatively speaking, he’s out of money; and I’ve been reading at National Review Online blog, The Corner, and they’ve got some pro-McCain people there, really some caustic comments that are aimed at Mitt Romney. ‘Well, look at all this money!’ He needs to spend all that TV money to counter the free media McCain’s getting from the Drive-Bys, the free slavish media. McCain doesn’t get one bit of criticism in the Drive-By Media, not one! It’s nothing but fawning this, fawning that. Romney has no choice. But anyway, the bottom line here is, Will, the electability thing is doubled when you throw in the fear and the dislike that a lot of Republicans have for Hillary.

CALLER: We had Senator Obama come to our campus just a of couple days ago to get Senator Kennedy’s endorsement, and if the media coverage of that is any indication, I really think the media wants Senator Obama to get the nomination and Senator McCain to get our nomination because here’s a guy that can rally the left very well and even encroach upon some independents and make whatever McCain’s electability argument is totally worthless.

RUSH: Well, that’s one of the things people are examining: Is there really something going on in the Democrat side? Are the Drive-Bys really, really that irritated at Hillary and are they really, really moving away from them, or is it — as many suspect — they just want some excitement? They’re bored, they’re a little bored covering the Clintons. There’s nothing new there. Here comes this young guy, Obama; he’s got everybody all fired up. ‘Wow, it’s a story!’ But at the end of the day when Hillary gets the nomination, they’ll move back to her. The new theory is that at the end of the day they’re going to stick with Obama ’til he wins the nomination, because that’s what they want. I don’t know, but at the real end of the day, I don’t care if it’s Hillary or Obama versus McCain…. Let’s say it’s Hillary. I guarantee you that all of this stuff that they are saying about Bill and Hillary and the race thing, it will be forgotten. And by the time we get to September, October, November, the Drive-Bys will be in full Clinton force. In fact, folks, I have a story in the stack, and it’s in Newsweek, and it hit last night, while I’m in the middle of show prep for today’s excursion into broadcast excellence. It’s a piece by Anna Quindlen about age. When is too old? Let me find this. Which stack did I put this in? I want to get the exact headline of her piece, because it’s now starting, folks. Here it is: ‘How Old Is Too Old? Race, Gender, They’re Both Up for Grabs in this Presidential Election; It’s Age That’s Become the New Taboo in a Vitality Culture.’ This is the first little Drive-By tentacle to reach into the McCain camp and start raising questions about his age and everything that goes along with that. Then it’s going to be his temperament, and then, ‘Has he shown any memory lapses out on the stump?’ The Drive-Bys are going to wring their hands, ‘Oh, we really didn’t want to talk about this, but I’ve seen some things…’ It’s going to start, folks. We all know it.

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