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Rush’s Morning Update: Results
January 29, 2008

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All right, folks. Now, before we look to the results of Florida’s primary, a final word or two onSouth Carolina –where BarackObama trounced the “inevitable” Democrat nominee: Mrs. Bill Clinton.

As predicted by mebefore the first votes were cast, Clinton, Inc. employed their “Southern Strategy.”

Hillary left the state to campaign in the Northeast — the white Northeast –while Bull Connor Clinton injected race into the contestthrough the Drive-By Mediaat every opportunity. Bull Clinton predicted Hillary would lose because the “blacks” would come out for Obama. He reminded everybody that the ReverendJackson won South Carolina’s primary, too. (Big deal… He’s black, they’re black — you get it?)

But something unanticipated happened when the votes were counted. The number of whites who voted for Obama [were] greater than the pre-primary polls had predicted. And that’s due to another factor I’ve been talking about for years: Bull Clinton is a liability on the campaign trail. The truth is thatBull Clinton turns off more people than he turns on. In South Carolina, late-deciding blacks and whites all toldthe pollsters — the exit pollsters — that they were impacted by Bull Clinton’s race-baiting campaign, negatively.

So now it’s on to California and other states, where the Clintons will use race like they did in Nevada; this time, Hispanics versus blacks –to try to wedge Obama out.

Now, two things are clear. 1) Clinton, Inc. will do anything to win; and 2) Mrs. Clinton’sincapable of succeeding under her own steam. She needs her man. Don’t doubt me –ever!

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