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RUSH: Back to Mrs. Clinton. She was inevitable until she actually ran. Everybody is so caught up in the Uncivil War and the entertainment factor here of Bill Clinton claiming that Obama interjected race and is putting hit jobs on him. But have you noticed what’s had to happen here? I think one of the best ways to expose Hillary is to show how far she fell in the real world. Mrs. Clinton wasn’t the only one who thought she was inevitable. She actually was. The whole Democrat Party thought she was inevitable, until she ran. She has the last name of a liberal icon — Clinton. She has a first name known around the world, Hillary. She has control of one of the most powerful national political machines in our history. She is the most cheated on woman in the world. She has the leading Democrat fundraiser. She has the longest database of contributors, legal and illegal. She was inevitable. She was vacuuming up all of that money way before any of these other Democrats got in the race. She has an army of battle-tested pollsters and spinners, investigators, hit men and hit women. She has an under-the-radar gang of 527s with names that include the word ‘America’ in them, like Media Matters for America, that really should be called Media Matters for Hillary.

There are so many Hillary front groups out there. They’re actually 527s disguised as think tanks. She was inevitable. She even has a rigged primary calendar, a compressed primary schedule that favored the candidate with the greatest name recognition and money and also favored the candidate with the most to lose by going out there and opening her mouth all the time. The more she speaks the more her numbers go down. So they compressed all of this so that by February 5th the race would be over. With all of that, from the money on down, to the machine, to the inevitability, all of the front groups, all the George Soros money, from all of that, look where we are. She went from inevitable to not so inevitable, to maybe not inevitable, and now people are asking, ‘Whoever said she was inevitable?’ She did. She was running on a coronation, and a lot of people bought into it.

I ask you this question. How did a woman who is connected by chromosome to more than half the electorate — that would be women for those of you in Rio Linda — how did a woman connected by chromosome to more than half the electorate, who doesn’t have an experienced rival — don’t tell me Edwards, don’t tell me Obama. She does not have an experienced rival — how did that woman go from inevitable, to down and dirty, to the testicle lockbox, to her red-faced husband showing that even he, too, gets PMS. Mrs. Clinton says that she bears the scars of her health care plan defeat. Actually, scars are a little too romantic. Warriors bear scars. Cosmetic surgery leaves scars. The most cheated on woman in the world has emotional scars. This health care plan defeat, that was not a scar. That was an F, a failed grade, blew it big time; the same thing with handling the Paula Jones case; the same thing advising on other legal issues in the White House.

Her big success has actually been the 35 years of bimbo eruptions, ruining the reputations of the pretty girls that popped up and said that they had affairs with Bill Clinton, or warning the pretty girls who were going to pop up and say that they’d better not. The bimbo eruption operation, that was pretty successful out there. Gets an F. So where did inevitable ever come from in the first place? They got it out there, plus she’s owed this. As Charles Krauthammer said, ‘This is one huge alimony check she is cashing,’ a coronation for the presidency, an inevitable campaign. I’m beginning to wonder, though, will Mrs. Clinton’s White House run be as big a failure as her health care plan? Because I really want to know, how do you go from inevitable to people now asking whoever said she was inevitable? Well, she was inevitable and heading down that path to the coronation until one little grim reality got in the way, and that is she had to campaign.

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