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RUSH: This is Kay in Medford, New Jersey. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s great honor to talk to you. Mental health dittos from New Jersey, which is a hard thing to maintain —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: — in New Jersey, and I’m a psychologist, so it’s even harder.

RUSH: Would you explain the difference to the audience, a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

CALLER: A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can prescribe medication.

RUSH: You mean like to Heath Ledger?

CALLER: Yes. Okay. Why am I calling? Two reasons. In the paper today — and every time, this is why I don’t usually get papers, but my husband got it for the sports. There’s an article again bashing President Bush, not overtly. They’re saying that President Bush tax cuts would not give a rebate to poor families, as though he’s going to poor families, but they don’t pay taxes.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. President Bush’s tax cuts or the stimulus package?

CALLER: No. They would not, under President Bush’s plan, the poor families with children would not get a tax rebate. That’s because they don’t pay taxes, but they don’t say that. They make it sound as though he would not give them money and he would give everyone else money. The thing that gets me is the Democrats and the press walking in lockstep, that promote the sense of entitlement because the tendency in adults is abhorrent to your psyche. So you swallow that, and what comes out consciously is, ‘You owe me.’ Well, I don’t owe you unless I gave birth to you or adopted you, and unless you’re physically or mentally unable.

RUSH: Right. Or unless I divorced you.

CALLER: Well… (laughing) You would be surprised when I speak like that at conferences, how people move away from me and don’t sit next to me anymore.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But I’d like to thank you for keeping me sane, especially in New Jersey.

RUSH: Wow, that’s a compliment. I keep a psychologist sane.

CALLER: In New Jersey.

RUSH: In New Jersey! You know something, you know something, Kay? The compromise stimulus panel does pay people who don’t pay income taxes 300 bucks.

CALLER: Sure. But it’s not a tax rebate because they haven’t paid any taxes.

RUSH: No. No. It’s a flat-out gift.

CALLER: Right, and they word it here as though President Bush were just against the poor and the Democrats were for the poor, and they talk them into giving him a tax rebate.

RUSH: You know that’s an age-old template.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: The media people you’re talking about, that is never ever going to change. It’s not going to go away. It’s something that people are just going to have to understand when they’re reading the press that they have these clichés about conservatives and Republicans — and the evidence, the truth, the facts that are in the news will not counter it.

CALLER: No. And, you know what? I teach people all the time: Don’t plug into repetition compulsion, and that’s what I do. I keep setting up the thing and waiting for a different ending. They’re always going to write like that.

RUSH: Exactly. But they can be overcome and they can be marginalized to a certain extent, far more than they used to be able to.

CALLER: Yes, thanks to you —

RUSH: Well…

CALLER: — and other people that are sane.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that. Kay, thank you.

CALLER: No, thank you.

RUSH: Thanks much for the call, appreciate it.

RUSH: Herb in Calimesa. You sure it’s not Calabasas? You’re not doing too well out there and figuring out…? Are you sure it’s California? Herb, are you in Calimesa, California?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: All right, Snerdley got one right. Awesome. Great. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. First-time caller, long, long, longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Three observations. Number one, there are enough oil wells already capped on the western slope of Colorado alone to keep us, this country in oil for the next 300 years. Second thing, just Halliburton alone right now has over 500 active drill sites in the western slope of Colorado for natural gas and oil.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Halliburton doesn’t drill. They’re an oil services outfit. They provide equipment, but they don’t own the wells, do they?

CALLER: They don’t own the wells, but they are on over 500 wells, just them alone. They are in such a boom economy right now in the western slope of Colorado based on energy alone is amazing. Halliburton’s trying to hire people at 35 bucks an hour just to monitor computers on active wells just to monitor the pumping out of active wells, and they can’t find enough people to work there. Third thing, Rush. I was in an extremely affluent university, private university yesterday having lunch with a dear friend. My observation is: Out of 500 kids in this cafeteria, there was probably no more than three that could be classified as obese.

RUSH: Really? So you think we’re being fed a myth here about obesity in schools?

CALLER: Obesity is in the extremely economically depressed area, more so than they are in the people that are in the people that are in the upper crust of society because obviously they’re more educated; they’re more affluent; they’re more informed on how to better take care of themselves.

RUSH: Yeah, but the point is that people in the lower income brackets don’t have enough money to buy food.

CALLER: Well, they have enough money to buy food. You think the subsidies of peanut butter, cheese, butter, dairy products is all given to them anyway. They still take advantage of it, but they’d rather go to McDonald’s than eat free.

RUSH: No, you have a point there. You do have a point. Look it, you’re singing my song on the oil. You’re singing my song on the supply. You’re singing my song on the capped wells; and there’s a bunch of them in Louisiana and Texas, too, from back in the seventies. It’s like I said yesterday. It’s almost as though there is a powerful lobby in this country that wants to reduce our superpower status. It wants to make us ever more and more dependent on energy so as to collapse our superpower status, because they think we’re the bad guys in the world. They think we’re hated because we’re big and powerful, and they think be we need to have cut down to size, and they think if there are other superpowers that the world would be safer, and plus they’re from the blame America crowd. The idea that we have to import 65% of our oil is absurd. We don’t have to do it; we are choosing to do it. We’re being bullied into doing it by the environmentalist wacko lobby and its association with the American left.


RUSH: I want to go back to a term here that Kay from Medford, New Jersey, used, because it fits perfectly. Repetition compulsion. We all have it. Like I obsess on these songs. When I find a song I like, I’ll listen to it for three days and nothing else — repetition compulsion — and a lot of people do that in other areas of life. People go to the same places to eat, choosing the same entrée five or six days in a row once you find one you like, this kind of thing. The Drive-By Media does this, too. The Drive-By Media has repetition compulsion, and the rest of us are struggling to keep from being infected by it, and the repetition compulsion consists of Republicans are racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes, they hate the poor, they want to take the poor’s can of beans and go back to their kitchens and open it themselves and enjoy it while knowing the poor are suffering, all of these things, repetition compulsion. That’s why I am able to predict what the Drive-Bys are going to do before they do it and it’s why I’m able to predict what the liberals are going to do before they do it.

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