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(playing of song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

RUSH: I must admit, I’ve been obsessing over this song since we last did the Uncivil War in the Democrat Party Update. It’s When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again. This is the soundtrack from Dr. Strangelove, the movie. I told you. I predicted it, ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday, that the Clintons in South Carolina would employ their public southern strategy; that Hillary Clinton was setting herself up to lose in South Carolina while keeping Bill in South Carolina to make it look like they’re not giving up, and that when the votes are in and Obama has won big, the Clintons would then say… They wouldn’t, but their surrogates would say (whispering), ‘Well, what do you expect? There are a lot of blackssss in South Carolina.’ The Democrat Party is at war on the issue of race! The Clintons are attempting to beat down an uppity young up-and-coming black, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton himself suggested that Hillary may lose the presidential primary because many black voters will side with Obama!

(song continues)

RUSH: This is from USA Today. ‘He isn’t even being subtle, but yet that never was the campaign style. Mission accomplished? What might prove more important is how the constant Clinton attacks keep Obama on the defensive and unable to make his case to voters and subsequently close the deal, but the race card is now officially a part of the Clinton strategy. Clinton suggested Mrs. Clinton may lose Saturday’s presidential primary in South Carolina because many black voters will side with Obama.’ Now, this is the party that claims to have the best interests of black people at heart. They’re going to protect them from the discrimination of the Republicans and conservatives. ‘Vote for us,’ the Clintons have said. ‘I’m the first black president. I’ll make sure you don’t get squashed. I’ll make sure you don’t get stomped on. I’ll make sure that you don’t have anything bad happen to you,’ and yet it is the Clintons who are enacting that very strategy. The New York Times today, Katharine Q. Seelye (nicknamed Kit Seelye). Headline: ‘Bill Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Stirring the Race Issue.’ Clinton said (impression), ‘That’s right,’ Limbaugh, ‘Obama started it, and I’m sure he’s going to get votes because he’s black. He wants these black votes. I’m sure he’s gonna get ’em.’

(song continues)

RUSH: It’s in the New York Times, as well as USA Today, Bill Clinton: Obama is going to win because of blacks in South Carolina. ‘Former President Bill Clinton defended himself Wednesday against accusations that he and his wife had injected the issue of race into the Democrat presidential primary in South Carolina. He accused Obama…’ (laughing) This is laughable! ‘He accused Obama of putting out a hit job’ on Clinton, ladies and gentlemen! ‘Scolding a reporter, Mr. Clinton said the…’ We have the audio sound bites of this coming up. ‘Scolding a reporter, Mr. Clinton said the Obama campaign was feeding the news media to keep issues of race alive.’ (laughing) He’s lying to their face, lying to the media’s face — and they continue to marvel at the chutzpah and the talent involved in doing this. The ethnic we will hear from surrogates for the Clintons is that this ‘hit job’ by Obama on the Clintons is a drug land hit. So now, as this campaign inches its way toward Saturday and the South Carolina primary, Bill Clinton has effectively directly said that Barack Obama is a hit man and a race-monger!

(song continues)

RUSH: In the Associated Press, from Dillon, South Carolina: ‘He’s not on the ballot, but Bill Clinton seemed to dominate the South Carolina presidential campaign, disparaging Barack Obama and journalists and predicting that many voters will be guided mainly by gender and race loyalties.’ Gender and race will be the keys in South Carolina. In the Los Angeles Times, a story by Maria La Ganga headlined: ‘Obama Turns His Attention to Race Issue,’ meaning the issue was out there already and he’s turning to it now because he’s been accused of injecting it. Only now is he getting to it because he has to reply to it. What does this make black voters? If Obama has injected race, and they’re only voting because of race, and Obama’s doing hit pieces and carrying out a hit job on Bill Clinton? Black voters are being used as a scare tactic. This is right out of the Old South, folks, that we all thought was dead when Republicans fought off Democrats to get the Civil Rights Bill passed in 1964. But the Democrats are being forced to show who they really are. They are returning to their roots, ladies and gentlemen.

(song continues)

RUSH: What is amazing about this is that the Clintons never want any of us in the Drive-By Media on the right side, to be right. We called this on Tuesday. We knew what their southern strategy was going to. But there’s even more, ladies and gentlemen. Where did I put this? Ah, yes. A memo. An Obama supporter, Joe Erwin, former South Carolina Democrat Party chair, has put out a campaign memo entitled ‘Hillary going all out to win in South Carolina — There’s an old South Carolina saying that goes like this: ‘Some people would rather climb in a tree and tell a fib than stand on the ground and tell the truth.’ The truth is, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pulling out all the stops to win in South Carolina, and it includes saying and doing just about anything to win. Judge the Clinton campaign on their actions rather than their spin,” and then there’s several bullet points here of all the things that Bill Clinton is doing in South Carolina to win for his wife Hillary. So what’s happening here? The Obama campaign is raising the expectations of the Clinton campaign, to counter the lowering of expectations by the Clinton campaign. We all know the Clintons want to lose in South Carolina. They want to blame it on blacks. Obama says: Wrongo! They’re trying to win. They’re giving it everything they’ve got!

(song continues)

RUSH: Finally, there’s this. The Washington Post: ‘Some in the Democrat Party are bristling at Clinton’s attacks; anti-Obama ads heighten unity fears in the Democrat Party.’ It’s by Alec MacGillis and Anne Kornblut, and it’s a pretty hard-hitting piece on the Clintons. There’s also a story in the Financial Times today from Davos, Switzerland. It talked about how Clinton is damaging his national brand by not being in Davos and by conducting the campaign the way he is doing so. Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton is where? She’s in the Northeast. She is surrounded by her good-old white female, new castrati male base; while her husband, Bill, pays penance. He’s left to deal in South Carolina, while she’s up with her people — the whites and the less-than-blacks. Clinton is in South Carolina going door-to-door, knocking on those doors and begging for votes. But who are these people in South Carolina? While Mrs. Clinton hobnobs at tea parties in the Northeast with those people, her husband, Bill Clinton, makes the rounds in South Carolina, with the people of color.

(song continues)

RUSH: And what does he do when he leaves the homes of the people of color? He disses them! He’s running around knocking on the doors, and he says (doing Clinton impression), ‘Hey, babe. You know me. I’m the first black president. I am here to help you. I’m here to tell you that we’re gonna do more for you, we care more for you, we love you more than anything. We need your vote. Hillary loves you. You know it, I know it,’ and as soon as he leaves, he goes to USA Today, he goes to the New York Times. ‘I know Obama’s going to win. Hell, it’s just a bunch of black people down there! That’s why Obama’s going to win. Black people support black people,’ and he goes to the next house. (doing Clinton impression) ‘Hey, babe. You know me. I’m your first black president: Bill Clinton. You know the things I did for you. I kept the church from being burned, and when your church did burn, I showed up and cried. From Arkansas forward. I even sat on the back of the bus one day for you, in 1999, when I could have been driving, but I purposely moved to the back of the bus. You know that my wife Hillary and I we care about you more than anybody ever has. Hell, you called me the first black president! You said my wife was just like yours. We are begging for your vote back in South Carolina.’ He leaves, goes to the microphones: My wife’s going to lose here and this Obama guy put out hit jobs on her; he’s going to win. The black people are voting for Obama. That’s what’s going to happen. Meanwhile, Hillary is sipping tea and scones in the Northeast with Ann Lewis and the others of the non-dark persuasion.

(song continues)

RUSH: The Uncivil War in the Democrat Party has been started and waged — by the Clintons.


RUSH: All right, back to this story here in the Washington Post today by Alec MacGillis and Anne E. Kornblut: ‘Some in Party Bristle At Clintons’ Attacks.’ They focus here on Dick Harpootlian. The former chairman of the Democrat Party in South Carolina accuses the Clintons of using the ‘politics of deception.’ Clinton said that Harpootlian’s comments ‘were a distraction, and he accused the Obama campaign of funneling smears through the media.’ He went on and attacked a CNN reporterette by the name of Jessica Yellin. You got Pat Leahy, who endorsed Obama, castigating Clinton for what he called his ‘glib cheap shots’ at Obama. ‘That’s beneath the dignity of a former president,’ Leahy told reporters, adding: ‘He is not helping anyone, and certainly not helping the Democratic Party.’ And, of course, Senator Kennedy and Rahm Emanuel have both jumped on, but if you’re Senator Kennedy, what are you going to do? If you’re Ted Kennedy and you call Bill Clinton and you say, ‘Look, you know, you gotta dial this down. This is not dignified. You’re hurting the Democrat Party,’ and Clinton could say, ‘Hey, look, at least Monica is still alive.’ So Kennedy, there’s not a whole lot he can do here other than express this. But let’s talk about the substance of this.

I call these people the huff-and-puffs, liberals and Drive-Bys who are getting angry, very, very, very angry at the Clintons, before they vote for them. I mean, folks, let’s be real, shall we? It’s difficult, if not impossible, for liberals to understand the concept of real core beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad. Let me illustrate. Here’s William Greider on a blog at The Nation: ‘The Clintons play dirty when they feel threatened. But we knew that, didn’t we? The recent roughing-up of Barack Obama was in the trademark style of the Clinton years in the White House. High-minded and self-important on the surface, smarmily duplicitous underneath, meanwhile jabbing hard to the groin area.’ I wonder who Greider is going to vote for, though? At the end of the day he’s going to vote for Hillary Clinton. These people, these leftists, particularly in the media, ought to be outraged at what the Clintons are doing vis-à-vis a black man. They have all these criticisms of the Clintons and, when it’s all said and done, they’ll vote for them.

Here’s Maureen Dowd of the New York Times: ‘If Bill Clinton has to trash his legacy to protect his legacy, so be it. If he has to put a dagger through the heart of hope to give Hillary hope, so be it. If he has to preside in this state as the former first black president stopping the would-be first black president, so be it.’ I wonder who Mo Do will vote for. Yes, friends, they’re going to huff, they’re going to puff, they’ll huff and puff, and come the election they’ll go in that booth, and they’re going to vote for the Clintons. But, even before they vote, you can almost bet they will complain about the rascally Republicans, the Republican attack machine. Kerry was Swiftboated, Mrs. Clinton will be Obamaed, but it was the Clintons who Obamaed Obama.

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