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RUSH: I just love you. The concern and the best wishes that you express for me just continue to dazzle me. You wouldn’t believe this. I’m getting so many e-mails, actually, started with a trickle a couple days ago. Now it’s sort of a deluge there, both in the ElRushbo@eibnet.com account, plus the Rush 24/7 account. People are really worried that the up-front, out-front stance that I am taking on the Republican primary is going to lead to harm coming to me, not physically. If Hillary wins, they’re worried about the Fairness Doctrine. They are thanking me for not backing down and they are really worried that something’s going to happen to me because these are really powerful people that I am talking about here and standing up to, and their image of these really powerful people is that these really powerful people with the agencies of government behind them can exact revenge. I appreciate your concern. Don’t think I don’t think about this, folks. I ponder this somewhat, but it doesn’t make me cower in the corner.

I want to tell you this, I don’t care what they do, I will always be on the air somewhere, even if it is announcing Trailway departures at the bus station. I will be behind a microphone somewhere. You all are just too kind, and I really appreciate it, and there’s some people out there saying that I’ve gone too far and I should back down because I’m damaging things, too. But most of it is: ‘We really appreciate what you’re doing, but, gee, you think you might want to back down here?’ because they’re worried about me personally and professionally, and I want to assure you that that’s not necessary.

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