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RUSH: The Democrat Party is at war, and it’s at war over race, and it’s a dirty little secret that the Democrats have been trying to sweep under the rug for decades, and it is surfacing. Yeah, we in the Republican Party, we’re at war, too, but ours is over philosophy. Theirs is over race. There’s no difference between what Obama wants to do and the Breck Girl wants to do and what Hillary wants to do if they get to the White House. But there’s a big difference on what we want to do based on our series and roster of candidates here.


RUSH: We’ll do the Democrats in this hour. The Los Angeles Times has a story here today by Dan Morain: ”Longtime Patron May be a Problem for Obama’ — Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped the name of Barack Obama’s Chicago patron into the South Carolina debate Monday night, putting front and center a tangled relationship that has the potential to undermine Obama’s image as a candidate whose ethical standards are distinctly higher than those of his main opponent. Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko, an entrepreneur who made a fortune in pizza parlors, Chinese restaurants and real estate, goes on trial next month on federal charges of extortion, influence peddling and conspiracy.’

All right, fine and daddy, all well and good, and Hillary did bring this up after Obama correctly reminded people that she sat as a corporate lawyer on the Wal-Mart board. So the LA Times does this huge exposé of this Rezko guy, but no problems with Norman Hsu, right? No problems with all the indicted fundraisers and friends of the Clintons. What was the total amount of news coverage that Norman Hsu got, 12 minutes? Maybe 13. But now they’re going to do this giant puff piece, or hit piece on Obama’s patron? They found one Obama patron. If you look at the Clinton list of donors and fundraisers, you’ll find more than a gazillion of them, and they’re more than just patrons. You know, it would be quite the sad irony, and this is leading up to a point, by the way, and that is a theme that I have explained and expanded upon previously. The Clinton machine and the Democrat Party machine is out to destroy the uppity black guy. That’s what this is all about. The Democrat Party is at war with itself over race. Now, the Republican Party is at war with itself, too, but that’s over philosophy.

The Democrats are at war with themselves over race, and Obama is the victim. It would be quite the sad irony if Obama is turned into the ethically troubling politician in his race against, of all people, the Clintons. This would prove, if we need proof, just how far in the tank the media are for the Clintons. Have you noticed, if you watched the debate on Monday night from South Carolina, Mrs. Clinton is backed by many of the old-guard blacks, the John Lewises, they’re all there, the Charlie Rangels, Andrew Young, all the old-guard blacks, all of the old-guard civil rights movement blacks are backing Mrs. Clinton, and they aren’t offended in the least. This is crucial to understand. These old-guard civil right black leaders and congressmen are not at all offended in the least over these racial attacks on Barack Obama. In fact, they chime in. And when Mrs. Clinton engages in these attacks and they are present, these old-guard guys start applauding. Here’s the reason why. Barack Obama is not part of their inner circle. The old-guard blacks, the Reverend Jacksons, the Reverend Sharptons, the John Lewises, most in the Congressional Black Caucus, they don’t want Barack Obama to win.

The old-guard black leadership sees Obama as an upstart who challenges their power. He has not followed their path. He is an outsider to them. He has not been down for the struggle. Well, I know Jackson supports Obama. But that’s mitigated by the fact that his wife supports Hillary, and the Reverend Jackson needs someplace to sleep when he’s in Chicago. Do you see him out there doing much for Obama? Do you see the Reverend Jackson coming to Obama’s defense as the Clinton machine makes racial attack after racial attack on Obama? So don’t give me this Jesse Jackson’s for him. Maybe so. But he’s not doing anything for him. He might have announced some months ago that he was for Obama, but it doesn’t mean anything, because Barack has not been down for the struggle, as they define it. Their power, the old-guard black guys, their power comes from the Democrat machine; their power comes from the Democrat Party. None of these members of the old guard, the black civil rights guys, none of these guys would be anything if not for the grant of power from the Democrat Party. It’s a two-way street. These guys deliver votes, these guys follow through on the agenda, and the Democrats give ’em a seat at the table of power. Barack Obama will owe them nothing.

Barack Obama may as well be Clarence Thomas to Mrs. Clinton, to Bill Clinton, to the civil rights leaders and elected officials from the old black guard. But, despite this, Obama is getting the black vote, overwhelmingly! And, you know what? Obama is proving that he is the voice of the future in that community. The Clintons hate it, and John Lewis hates it, and Charles Rangel hates it, and all these other guys. Barack will not owe them anything and so they can’t afford for him to win, and so they’re getting even more concerned about Obama. The Uncle Bills. That’s what we call ’em. Not Uncle Toms, the Uncle Bills, the guys selling out their own guys, their own race, to stay in the good graces of Bill Clinton, the Uncle Bill. That’s all they are. John Lewis is an Uncle Bill. Charlie Rangel is an Uncle Bill. Andrew Young is an Uncle Bill. They know it. So they’re getting concerned about Obama and his appeal to blacks. He is showing how little power these old activists have over the black community, and this will further isolate them. I mean, Obama, look at what happened in Michigan. Seventy percent of the blacks there showed up in an irrelevant Democrat primary and voted ‘uncommitted.’

You watch what happens in South Carolina. He’s going to clean up with the black vote. Interestingly enough, the Democrats are excited about this. The Clintons are excited. The Democrats, the Clintons, I should say, have their own southern strategy, folks. We discussed this in very brief detail yesterday. What’s going to happen is, if this holds true, Obama cleans up with the black vote, if he wins period and cleans up with the black vote in South Carolina on Saturday, that’s fine with the Clintons. Just fine. Because what will then happen is a bunch of people — never come out of the mouths of the Clintons — you have Terry McAuliffe or this Howard Wolfson guy, and they will casually, will not make a big statement about it, but they’ll get it in the news media cycle, oh, yeah, we kind of expected that. So many blacks in South Carolina, of course we expected that. What are they saying when they say that? Of course, there are a lot of blacks in South Carolina. What they’re doing is scaring whites. The whole point of letting Obama win South Carolina and ceding the state — she’s not there, Clinton’s running around to churches and so forth there, but she’s not. The whole point is to allow them their southern strategy after South Carolina going into Super Tuesday. ‘Yeah, yeah, but look at all the blacks there.’

The old southern strangle, this is what they used to apply to Republicans. They’re doing it! They want to say to white liberal voters and independents in these February 5th states, and Hispanics, too, it’s designed to galvanize whites in greater numbers to vote for Hillary and women as well. Obama is proving that he is the voice of the future in that community. They’re more concerned about it. He’s really showing how little power these old-guard black guys have. She’s got a problem, too. I don’t mean to make them sound invincible here. She’s got a real problem if she’s nominated, and that’s who to pick as a running mate. Now, everybody speculates idly, who will Hillary choose? It’s not that simple. Hispanics are voting for her in bigger numbers than blacks right now, and there’s a subwar in the Democrat Party between blacks and Hispanics over who’s the most valid, qualified, deserving minority. Hispanics outnumber ’em. By the way, you liberal blacks, you think this is by accident? It’s called illegal immigration, the Democrats wanted to sustain it, call it amnesty. Why? They wanted all those Hispanic voters. You think they care about you as much anymore? No. They never did, really.

Now there are more Hispanics than there are blacks and there’s a little war going on where that’s concerned. Hispanics are voting for Mrs. Clinton in bigger numbers than blacks are. So if she picks Richardson, for example, to be her veep, that’s going to tick off a lot of blacks who will see it as a sleight to them, especially given Obama’s second-place finish. The blacks are going to say, ‘Hey, our guy came in second, and would have come in first if you hadn’t been a bunch of sleazeballs. You just can’t cast him aside.’ And, if she goes for an Hispanic, there’s gonna be a war. If she picks Obama, which is doubtful because she hates him, but if she does for some reason, that’s going to tick off Hispanics, or at least some of them who have been helping her win in some of these states. What’s happening is they campaign on division, and they have to deal with it in the end, in the general. They’re dividing the party, the Clintons are, and they’re dividing it on the basis of race, and somehow they gotta put it back together in November, the general election.

Now, she’s going to get the black vote in November, but the question is will she get enough of it? Will some of them get so mad they’ll just stay home? But make no mistake about this, the Democrat Party is now at war with itself, not over philosophy, but over race. There’s much more on this. If she picks a white guy, depends on who the white guy is. That’s what I’m saying. She’s got a dilemma here over who to pick. She might just say, I’m going to do both, I’m going to be president and vice president so that if something happens to me when I get sick I can appoint myself to be president.


RUSH: Okay, the Democrat Party is at war with itself — not over philosophy, but over race — and there are two people that you can thank for this: the Clintons. You see, the Clintons learned racial politics in Arkansas, and they brought it to Washington, and now they’re using it to try and win Bill Clinton a third term, which is what this election really is. They’re going to use race in the primary and then use it against the Republicans in the general, all the while claiming it’s their opponents who are using race. Now, it’s a very hateful tactic, but that’s what they’re doing. Everybody knows it! But nobody has the guts to call them on it in the Democrat Party, in the Drive-By Media, or what have you. You’ve got people like Tom Brokaw talking about me and dogma and partisanship. Why doesn’t Brokaw challenge the Democrats in the media, in specific the Clintons, to cut out their racist tactics? This is rhetorical. I know it’s not going to happen. I’m mentioning it to you. All they can focus on is how ‘the Republican Party is falling apart and Limbaugh is losing his influence! Limbaugh is no longer effective.’ Michelle Malkin’s got a great point today. You know why the libs love McCain? (I’m getting ahead of myself here.) He gives them cover to rip conservatives! They can support a Republican and still hate conservatives. I’m paraphrasing that, but it’s an excellent point. But these guys, they go on the Sunday shows, and they talk about me — which I’m flattered.

They’re promoting the death of conservatism, the ascendancy of John McCain. Why are we not getting long discussions about the race war in the Democrat Party being waged by the Clintons, on the Sunday shows and the op-ed page of the New York Times? What is clear to me, ladies and gentlemen, is that racism is not dead in the Democrat Party. It’s got a long history of it, and if a black politician dares to challenge the Democrat National Committee, the Democrat establishment, the Clinton machine, that black politician is smeared. He is accused of being unethical. He is accused of lying. He is accused of whatever it takes to stop him. The fact is: The Clintons have no record of promoting blacks beyond where they’ve been in the Democrat Party. They have stomped on any black who dares to challenge them or their favorite candidates, and they’re now doing it to Barack Obama. I can give you the names. We go through this list of names constantly. Carl McCall in New York, who ran for governor, was abandoned. Maynard Jackson wanted to lead the DNC. I can even give you Hillary Clinton. If the Clintons and the Democrats were honest about their wailing and whining and moaning about the civil rights movement; would they not step aside and be promoting Obama for the good of America, for the good of race relations, for the good of civil rights?

Yeah, if they were being honest, but they’re never going to do that. They don’t want the race war to end, the race war that they started. They don’t want it to end. It’s another arrow in the quiver they can blame on Republicans: racial discrimination and racism in the United States. But it’s the Clintons who have no record of promoting blacks beyond where they’ve been in the Democrat Party. By the way, neither Clinton has done anything that stands out as addressing the problems of the inner city. They side with the National Education Association. They promote other policies and put their power before the well-being of these communities. Their vaunted social programs have destroyed and ripped apart the black family. They’ve not done anything. Yet, they make it sound like they’re salvation and saviors. In fact, while I’m at it, since I’m on this roll: Neither the Clintons nor the Democrats have done anything to deserve the support of single women or women at all. This is something that’s always amazed me. Bill Clinton himself is a womanizer and a woman abuser. For crying out loud, can you imagine what would happen if he were a Republican? Mrs. Clinton is his co-conspirator in the abuse of women. Hillary has been a facilitator of his abuse for decades. You know, those bimbo eruptions weren’t to protect the women. It was to protect Bill. That was to destroy the women, and Hillary loved getting even with all those pretty girls. She loved it. She’s no victim. She’s a co-conspirator and a perpetrator. It’s the same with Hispanics. The Clintons have no record of addressing that community in any particular way. It’s all a myth! They’re power politicians. They seek self-aggrandizement. She, even more than him, seeks power to advance an agenda. It’s so alien to our tradition, it’s frightening.


RUSH: CNN posted a piece about the tough choice that black women have in this election, and the black women that saw it got so mad that they demanded CNN take it down. The choice was: Oh, gee, what are these black women going to do, vote for the women or vote for the black? Women got so mad. ‘Why do you think we do this? Why do you think we vote on the basis of groups?’ Because you do, if you’re a Democrat. CNN was just trying to give you guys a little nudge.

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