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RUSH: David Brooks is back in action today at the New York Times, and the pull quote of note, ‘Rush Limbaugh is going bananas,’ because Mike Huckabee is breaking up the tribe — I’m paraphrasing. Limbaugh is going bananas because Huckabee is breaking up the tribe that Limbaugh has spent all these years, what did he say, creating and putting together. So his thought is that I’m upset because I’ve built this huge movement out there based on my radio program, and here comes Huckabee who’s going to destroy it, and that’s why I don’t like Huckabee. He talks about me going bananas. Have I sounded like I’ve gone bananas this week? No. But I’ll tell you something, Mr. Brooks, what is really fascinating is that you know Jell-O, all these moderates and these independents, Jell-Os as I call them? Bananas and fruit go great in Jell-O. I don’t eat Jell-O. I make fun of it. Senator McCain here, white comedian Paul Shanklin on the vocal.

(playing of If You Don’t Know Me by Now spoof song)

That kind of reminded me of what’s his name, Tom Harkin at the Wellstone memorial. ‘Do it for Paul! Do it for Paul!’ If You Don’t Know Me by Now, that was originally done by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and the lead singer back then, Teddy Pendergrass.


By the way, you people know, thanks to David Brooks, I am now a tribal leader? You are a tribe. We conservatives are a tribe and I’m the tribal leader. I mean that’s another move for diversity here. Imagine, Rush Limbaugh, tribal leader.

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