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RUSH: So I had to go to a cocktail party last night. Yeah, I’m very hoarse today, but I feel fine. I don’t have a cold or any of that. I think I sound a little stuffed up, but it’s cool. It’s just hoarseness, and of course there aren’t any chocolate doughnuts around here. That used to be the fix. How long will it be now before some chocolate doughnuts show up? Anyway, I had to go to this cocktail party last night and I get in there and it was a hearing nightmare. It was conveniently located only five blocks from my fashionable Upper East Side penthouse, and I got in there and I could hardly hear, and there was a lot of people there I didn’t know. One guy came up to me and started saying, ‘Did you see Matthews tonight?’ ‘No, I never see Matthews.’ ‘Well, you gotta see it! You gotta see it!’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Oh, it’s the most amazing thing, you just gotta see it.’ ‘What happened?’ I was having trouble hearing the guy, but I eventually figured out what he was saying; that Matthews apologized to Hillary. The one time Matthews gets something right and he apologizes for it because of pressure from the Hillary front group, Media Matters for America. If you didn’t hear this, you have to hear it. Here first is what Matthews said that got Media Matters and everybody all upset. This is on January 9th, and this actually was on Scarborough’s show in the morning, Morning Joe, and this is what Matthews said about Hillary.

MATTHEWS: I think the Hillary appeal has always been somewhat about a mix of toughness and sympathy for her. Let’s not forget, and I’ll be brutal, the reason she’s a US senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner, is her husband messed around. That’s how she got to be Senator from New York. We keep forgetting it; she didn’t win on her merits, she won because everybody felt, ‘My God, this woman stood up under humiliation,’ right? That’s what happened.

RUSH: He hit the nail on the head, folks. In fact, I’ve said that in far more explicit terms behind this very Golden EIB Microphone. Hillary Clinton is where she is because she is the most cheated on woman in the world, not the most cheated on woman in America, but the most cheated on woman in the world. Now listen as Hardball last night turned into Suckball.

MATTHEWS: Concerned people like you who watch this show so faithfully every night, people like me who care about this country think I’ve been disrespectful to Hillary Clinton, not as a candidate, but as a woman. Was it fair to imply that Hillary’s whole career depended on being a victim of an unfaithful husband? No. And that’s what it sounded like I was saying, and it hurt people I’d like to think normally like what I say, in fact, normally like me. If my heart does not always control my words, on those occasions that I have not taken the time to say things right or have simply said the inappropriate thing, I’ll try to be clearer, smarter, more obviously in support of the right of women, of all people, the full equality and respect for their ambitions. So I get it. Saying that Senator Clinton got where she’s got simply because her husband did what he did to her is just as callous, and I can see now, it comes across just as nasty, worse yet, just as dismissive.

RUSH: Well, this is what happens to you when you want to be liked by the libs and when you don’t want the libs getting mad at you. This is what my show would be every day if I sought the approval of the libs. So Hardball became Suckball last night. He got it right the first time when he was on Scarborough because what else recommends her? In fact, Krauthammer had an even better line today, I read his column at National Review Online, and he said this whole bid for the presidency is just one giant alimony payment (laughter) without the divorce. So, yeah, we’re the ones paying for it. That is exactly right. A giant alimony payment and we’re the ones paying. She is the most cheated on woman in the world. Where does this sense of entitlement come from, or the sense of inevitability, or what have you?


RUSH: We just played Chris Matthews apologizing to Hillary. Hardball became Suckball. Hillary is back to playing the victim again. Monday she was on the Tyra Banks Show. What is the Tyra Banks Show? I know Tyra Banks is a model, but I didn’t know she had a show. Where is this show? Is it on Sirius or XM? Is it on cable? (interruption) It’s TV? It’s a syndicated TV show. Oh, gee. Oprah-like. You know, it’s stuff like this that just really, really impacts my optimism on the future of the country. Something like this, a nonbroadcastette has a TV show. Anyway, Hillary was there, playing the victim again, and Tyra Banks said, ‘How did you persevere during the darkest moment in your life?’

HILLARY: Well, because I had tremendous faith, number one, I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family, and I never doubted Bill’s love for me, ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family. But I had to decide what I had to do, and I think it’s so important to be able to hear yourself at a moment when it’s hard.

RUSH: This is so much smack! To act like this was a surprise when everybody knows — we’re talking about Lewinsky here. It wasn’t a surprise. She had been in charge of the bimbo eruptions. The only thing she was probably upset about was she was probably angry that he was stupid and he got caught. Now, a bunch of jive gobbledygook about you gotta be able to hear yourself at a moment when it’s hard. Somebody tell me what that means. You have to be able to hear yourself. And we know she wasn’t even trying to hear herself. She was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House. She already admitted that. So next up on the Tyra Banks Show, the question then to Mrs. Clinton, as she now, in this sound bite, offers advice to other doormats out there. Question: ‘Were you embarrassed?’

HILLARY: Well, sure. I mean all of that, but I also, I was just praying so hard and thinking so hard about what’s right to do.

BANKS: Do women come up to you and ask for advice, my husband — you know, my husband stepped out on me, and I’m going through hell right now, what do I do? Have they done that?


BANKS: What do you say?

HILLARY: All the time.

BANKS: What do you say?

HILLARY: I say you have to be true to yourself. You know, no one story is the same as any other story. I don’t know your reality. I can’t possibly substitute my judgment for yours, but what I can tell you is, you must be true to yourself. You have to do what is right for you.

RUSH: Now, what does that mean? In Hillary’s case, okay, I am the most cheated on woman in the world and I’m going to get something for this. There’s a price, and it’s right for me, and that is being president, because I, the most cheated on woman in the world, not the country, but the world. So she’s telling you that you can’t do that. If you’re a doormat and you’re being cheated on, not as much as Hillary because she’s the most cheated on woman in the world, but if you’re a woman and you’re being cheated on, she’s saying, ‘Look, I can’t judge for you.’ What that means is, you don’t stand a prayer becoming president like I do, but you might be able to join the culinary workers and endorse Obama, if you really set your sights high.


RUSH: Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bruce, nice to have you. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: An honor, sir. Is Hillary Clinton a woman or a feminist? Because, frankly, I can’t tell anymore. I need your help.

RUSH: Both. Hillary Clinton is a man — well, she’s a woman who wants to be someday viewed as a woman but treated like a man and other days vice-versa. Some days she’s a feminist, other days she’s a victim. She will morph into whatever she has to be on that particular day based on what is happening in her campaign and what’s called for.

CALLER: Based on the convenience of the particular day?

RUSH: Yeah, exactly. And that’s nothing new. I mean, she’s always been that. And I’ll tell you, you go back to this crying episode in New Hampshire, it’s not going to ever be reported this way, but what an actual blow for feminism. To have to play the victim, to have to say, ‘I can’t get anywhere because these men are making fun of me, just so hard, it’s so hard, I don’t know how I get up and do my hair every day.’ That brought out all kinds of pent-up rage that women have for men. This was not a good day for the feminist movement. Of course it’s not going to be reported that way. But, yeah, she’s a chameleon. She’ll do whatever she has to do whenever she needs to do it.

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