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RUSH: One more sound bite on this race war, the Uncivil War between the Democrats. By the way, am I the only one who is just marveling at Bill Clinton’s central role in this campaign? Now, I understand he’s the husband and Hillary had a similar role when Bill ran in 1992 and ’96, but not quite as prominent. There is no question in my mind is that Bill is running for an unelected third term. He wants this as much for himself as he might want it for Hillary — and it’s two against one. (interruption) Right. Yeah. They started hiding her when her negative numbers went up. The more she spoke, the more dislike or disapproval she had, and they hid her in that campaign, in the ’92 campaign. They can’t hide Bill because he’s running this show and he’s not going to hide himself. Now, last night on PMSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, they spoke with Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and Roger Simon of Politico, about the Uncivil War between Hillary and Barack Obama. Matthews said, ‘Roger, it seems to me that it was manifestly true that he was alluding to the same thing other people in the Clinton world had been doing, trying to nail Obama as a youthful drug offender.’

SIMON: This is really uncomfortable stuff. Even at the best of times we don’t like talking about race in this country, and in the super-heated atmosphere of a presidential campaign, it becomes even more uncomfortable.

CAPEHART: And, you know, Chris, this is really unfortunate that here we are at the — we’re really at a moment, a very historic moment in the country, but particularly for the Democratic Party where you could have — you poss… you had the first viable female candidate for president, the first viable African-American candidate for president, both seeking the nomination for the Democratic Party to run for president, and things seem to be running off the rails over this issue of race.

MATTHEWS: This fight may require that they form a ticket, as the only way to seal this after this bloodletting. After this kind of talk, it seems to be the only way to satisfy those who lose this wait eventually is to put it together.

RUSH: Now, isn’t it interesting that they find all this uncomfortable? It makes them nervous. They’re wringing their hands. ‘Why, we don’t like all this race talk in our party.’ Right, you keep it behind closed doors. You’re obsessed with it. Now it’s surfaced. It’s out in public. They didn’t find Macaca uncomfortable, did they? They loooooved Macaca! They loved it! They didn’t find Trent Lott uncomfortable when he had a little passing comment about Strom Thurmond at a birthday party. They loooooved it! They loooooved destroying Trent Lott. They loooooved it — and, of course, they didn’t find Donovan McNabb uncomfortable and they didn’t find Terrell Owens dumping on McNabb uncomfortable. No, they loved all of that. What great news it made! But now, when it’s an Uncivil War among the Democrats, ‘Why, really uncomfortable stuff. We don’t like talking about race in this country.’ Bull! You love talking about race in the Drive-By Media. You love it! You are obsessed with race. You’re obsessed with sexism. You’re obsessed with all of these isms! All right, now, it’s time for our little test here, ladies and gentlemen.

We have racism on full display. We have the Clinton campaign trying to destroy an upstart young black guy. Remember David Ehrenstein, a black columnist in the Los Angeles Times wrote a column referring to Barack Obama as a ‘Magic Negro,’ because a lot of white people were supporting Obama but they didn’t even know what he stood for, and the whole point was they were just assuaging their guilt by saying they were for Obama. It’s sort of like the reverse Wilder Effect. It’s like telling a pollster, ‘Oh, yeah! I’m voting Obama. I’m a good person. I’m not a racist.’ When you get to the polling place, you vote for the white guy when nobody can see what you’re doing. So Ehrenstein was referring to whites who support Obama as basically being phonies. ‘They don’t even know anything about the guy! He’s just a ‘Magic Negro.’ They can say they’re supporting him and it makes them feel good about themselves,’ and then, of course, we have Al Sharpton actually singing in the song, and Sharpton was upset because Joe Biden had gone out there and said of Obama, it’s great to finally get a ‘clean, articulate black guy’ in our party.

You know, and Sharpton takes showers, and he’s been a presidential candidate, and he didn’t appreciate that, and he wouldn’t endorse Obama. He was waiting around for all kinds of things and goodies and what have you. So we just took a series of statements and actions by liberals, and we wrote the parody tune ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.” We have Al Sharpton singing it through his bullhorn. Let’s just see how long it takes for the media to accuse me of injecting race into the campaign, shall we?

(playing of ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.”)

RUSH: From the archives, the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites, ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.” It’ a little test here to see how long it takes the Drive-Bys to once again accuse me of injecting race into the Uncivil War going on in the Democratic presidential primary. In fact, they’ll probably accuse me of trying to break the truce. (laughter) They’ll accuse me of trying to stoke it back up. (interruption) Yeah, ‘the insurgent Rush Limbaugh refuses to accept the truce in the Uncivil War.’ (laughing) That’s what they’ll do.

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