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RUSH: We’ll start today with the Democrats, ladies and gentlemen. There’s an uncivil war brewing on the left. On one side, African-Americans. On the other side, Clinton-Americans. And caught in the middle of this, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Clintons, ladies and gentlemen, plain for all to see, will do or say anything to win. But now the question: Will African-Americans take anything?
Amazing to watch this, is it not? Clintonistas are saying about Obama — and Obama saying about the Clintons — what they have been saying for decades about us. There are charges of racism on both sides of the Democrat presidential campaign, bringing up once again the drug use rumors; the drug-selling rumors of Barack Obama; the besmirching of a fine American actor, Sidney Poitier, compared to Obama and vice-versa as a sellout, going to the white folks’ home for dinner, reviving the concept of the black and ‘Magic Negro.’ Yes, Mr. Snerdley, the question asked, ‘It’s plain to see that the Clinton team will do anything, say anything to win, but will African-Americans take anything?’ How will they line up in this? A little pop quiz. Give me that music a little higher volume up there, Mister Broadcast Engineer.

This is When Johnny Comes Marching Home. It’s from Dr. Strangelove, and it fits. What does ‘Macaca’ translate to in Clinton-speak? Because the Clintons have had multiple Macaca moments here! Well, one way you translate Macaca in Clinton-speak is ‘fairytale.’ Even Clinton-Americans were shocked, and awed, when the former president called the Obama campaign ‘a fairytale,’ if you believe your ears, or called his position on the war a ‘fairytale,’ if you believe his lyin’ eyes.

I don’t know if we’ve had our Fort Sumter yet, but Mrs. Clinton has already declared that she is the victim of the black guy! The black guy is attacking Mrs. Clinton! That would be Obama. (music swells) It’s the vast left-wing conspiracy, the Obama conspiracy. Mrs. Clinton, as you know, had the audacity to insult the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — who, from the grave, finds himself in the middle of this Macaca moment in the Democrat Party. What did Mrs. Clinton say in response to Obama, who praised Dr. King for the civil rights movement? Mrs. Clinton in a typical, Big Government moment said, ‘So what? Were it not for a Democrat president, what Dr. King did would never have happened.’ Several black leaders scratched their heads. Could this possibly have been said by the wife of the first black president in the United States? The King was irrelevant? Mrs. Clinton is totally willing to diss a civil rights icon, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in order to make the transparent point that Obama — with all of his hope, with all of his courage — can’t do diddly-squat. Diddly-squat can only be accomplished with Mrs. Clinton in the White House. (music swells) The latest polling data, the Rasmussen Reports polling data: Mrs. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 41-27. Obama leads Mrs. Clinton among African-American votes 66-16.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a Democrat Party at war with itself — an uncivil war, splitting right down the middle on racial lines. The Democrat Party! Who would have ever believed this? Mrs. Clinton, Obama, arguing over the race issue? Mrs. Clinton, in an effort to show she really cares, as opposed Obama who just cares, says she’s going to attend a Dr. Martin Luther King event. The first black president, Bill Clinton, continues to make the rounds on black radio programs. In the meantime, ABC News and the Washington Post are reporting in their latest poll a ‘huge shift nationwide to Obama.’ By the way, ladies and gentlemen, did you see Bill Clinton defending Hillary over the weekend? He only did it because she’s being beaten by a black guy. I have noticed that Bill Clinton did not take on (noticeably, anyway) any other candidates that went after Hillary since the presidential race started, but Bill Clinton is getting in on the uncivil war and the racial divide in the Democrat Party, attacking the ‘man of hope,’ Barack Hussein Obama — only because his wife is being beaten by a black guy. Meanwhile, the founder of the Black Entertainment Television Network, Robert Johnson, has slammed Obama in South Carolina and once again raised the specter of drug use.

The Breck Girl, John Edwards — firing on four cylinders — has criticized Mrs. Clinton’s comments on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. So what do we have here? Barack Obama holds the race card; Hillary Clinton the gender card; the Breck Girl, John Edwards, is left trying to play a class card. There’s a major poker game going on on the Democrat side. Supporters of each of these candidates and the Drive-By Media are struggling against the new reality that favored old disqualification tack doesn’t work since they’re all liberals! You can’t disqualify Mrs. Clinton for throwing the race card; she’s a liberal. You can’t disqualify Obama for holding the race card; he’s a liberal. You can’t disqualify Mrs. Clinton for using the gender card; she’s a liberal. You can’t disqualify the Breck Girl for playing the class envy card; he’s a liberal. So what’s the Drive-By Media to do? Find a way to blame all of this on Mitt Romney. (music volume up) Supporters of all three Democrat candidates of the Drive-Bys are struggling against this new reality, trying to navigate this awkward political reality without dashing the diversity canards that have held them in such good stead for so many decades — which, by the way, these diversity canards have led to moments of high comedy: Andrew Young arguing for Clinton being blacker than Obama because he’s been with more black women than Obama.

The Race card was… earlier in this campaign than the Drive-Bys are willing to acknowledge. Michelle Obama, wife of the man of hope, touting her husband as a better candidate for women than Clintonleone because he’s a man comfortable with strong women in his life. The Breck Girl’s supporters are touting him as potentially the first female president — and all the stuff that just happened in the last week with Mrs. Clinton; Barack Obama; the Reverend Dr. King; Robert Johnson, Black Entertainment Television, ‘the shuck and jive,’ don’t forget that, the ‘fairytale,’ the kid. It is funny to watch — and, ladies and gentlemen, a final observation here. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton — have you noticed, it’s Obama versus the Clintons? Two against one. Obama campaigning against both of the Clintons. I wonder how well Mrs. Clinton would hold up if the shoe was on the other foot. That is, if she had to run against an ex-president and a senator. I think she’d cry and complain about the unfairness. For all of her BS about being a victim and piling on, Obama is holding his own against both of them, doing more than his share of the ‘spadework,’ maybe even gaining ground at the moment, using not only the spade, ladies and gentlemen. But when he finishes with the spade in the garden of corruption planted by the Clintons, he turns to the hoe. So the spadework and his expertise, using a hoe. He’s faring well.

The real story is that Obama is being tag-teamed. He’s running against an ex-president and senator. He’s the one that’s holding up and more. He’s the one proving to be a man while she is proving to be weak. Think about it. She cracked up. The tears came because she was losing; she was crying for herself. Obama has yet to cry. Mrs. Clinton is bi-political. She wants to be treated as a man, wants to be viewed as a woman. This election is more about perceptions than substance so far. It always is in primaries. Hillary is supposedly tough as a man, but then cries at the first sign of personal trouble. Obama says nothing, but is likable, and can deliver a hell of a vapid speech, but that matters. Vapidity matters in the Democrat Party. In the meantime, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., turns over in his grave — as does Senator J. William Fulbright, who asks from the great beyond, ‘Why did this take so long to happen?’

(song ends)

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