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Rush’s Morning Update: Stimulus!
January 14, 2008

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Well, Democrats are making all kinds of election-year noise proposing economic stimulus programs– which, of course, will notstimulate anything but their own political fortunes. Senator Clinton’sapproach is to stick a knife into the wounded housing sector by freezing foreclosures,which would plunge banking and mortgage holders further into debt.

Congressional Democrats are calling for tax rebates, extended unemployment benefits, and more food stamps. Now, memories are short, folks. Last time Democrats proposed tax “rebates”, they were for people who did not pay taxes. Extended unemployment benefits only stimulate higher unemployment, by giving peopleno incentive to go to work.And food stamps don’t even enter the ballpark as a stimulus.

If you want real economic stimulus, my friends,I have a surefire, four-point plan guaranteed to work:

1. Turn off the Drive-By Media. You will be amazed at the difference in your perception of the economy, the country, and your lifewhen you get rid of the daily gloom-and-doom from the Drive-By’s.

2. If you know somebody truly in need, don’t hand the problem off to faceless bureaucrats in Congress who won’t do squat –help them yourselves. Teach them to help themselves, too.

3. Stimulate your own economy! Don’t depend on the government;don’t live in fear of the future. Work harder; make more money. Don’t feel guilty!

The last thing we need is more welfare and big government programs. This country’s economy thrives when liberals are not in charge. Do your part for a healthy America.

No. 4: Show Democrats the door in November — that is real economic stimulus!

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