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Rush’s Morning Update: Big Ed!
January 11, 2008

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Well, the last time we saw New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, he was in the doghouse, folks. Within days of Senator Clinton’smangled response to Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens,Spitzer fell on his sword: Flew down to Washington, publicly renounced his own proposal,slithered back home –tail tucked.

This week, in the State of the State address, Governor Spitzer called for a commission to consider caps on education spending. Now,he ran against the idea of mandatory spending caps, but henow says the state needs strong medicine to combat the out-of-control increases in property taxes and education spending. Problem is, says the governor, that school taxes rose over 7 percent last year, despite record increases in school aid. He calledspending caps “a blunt instrument”; he said the capswould “force hard choices and discipline when nothing else works.”

Now, the idea of forcing Big Education to curb its appetite is blasphemy to the education lobby,led by the big teacher’s unions and liberals like Senator Clinton. It’s doubtful Hillary will ever be asked about her state’s new “war on the children” in a Democrat debate –especially given the treatment that Tim Russert endured from his Drive-By buddiesafter he dared ask her about the illegal driver’s licenses.

But this is an issue that may well surface during the general election (we will see to it). If it does…Governor Spitzer, you’d better look for a new home. You don’t cross Clinton, Inc. twice– and get away with it!

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